Total Access for eDuck Subscribers

Hi eDuck Sports subscribers,<BR> Today this site and the entire network went to Total Access pricing for all new customers. As an existing customer, you retain the option of maintaining your current subscription(s) or converting your account to Total Access. As long as you maintain your credit card on file, you can keep your existing subscriptions indefinitely.

If you wish to convert to Total Access, you will receive a prorated time credit, based on what you have remaining on your existing subscription(s). If you are a Club and Recruiting Pass holder, you definitely will want to convert. Those passes are a combined $119.90 per year, while the Total Access Pass is on special for $79.95 per year (or $7.95 per month). Total Access literally will give you access to everything.

(Note: While supplies last, anyone who purchases an annual Total Access Pass will receive a free Recruiting Yearbook from

To convert, all you need to do is purchase the Total Access Pass. Your existing subscription(s) will be cancelled and your time credit extended – automatically. If you wish to see how much credit you are eligible for today (this changes, of course, in relationship to how much time is remaining on your subscription(s)), go through the signup process. After choosing a Total Access product, you will see a screen that shows your existing subscription(s), how much time remains on each and how much time credit you would receive on a Total Access Pass.

We here at eDuck Sports believe you will find Total Access to be a superior bargain!

Steve Summers
eDuck Sports, LLC

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