Pre-game thoughts from the Press Box

The barbeques are out and the smoke is rising from the tailgating parking lot. The sky is dotted with clouds, but none ominously waiting to downpour on the field. A cool, late-summer breeze passes through the stadium, presenting a taste of the upcoming Eugene autumn. Just another gameday, right? Not quite.

It's 10:30am up in the press box, and every seat in Autzen Stadium is covered with a yellow pom-pom, creating a sea of that bright color that Ducks call their own. Fans are streaming into the parking lot, chomping at the bit to get to this sacred spot in Eugene on a day that could be a groundbreaker for the University of Oregon Ducks.

There are signs that indicate something more than just another football game. A bunch of Duck fans just let out a cry of "OOOOOOO" from the tailgating parking lot. Hundreds of fans have been lined up at the General Admission gate waiting to grab the best seats, several hours before the game. The Oklahoma semi-truck, decked out in red and Nike logos and proudly stating the presence of a program steeped in tradition, sits prominently in the parking lot.

Any gameday at Autzen Stadium is special, but one can feel something different about this day. It's more than an event; it's an experience that has been anticipated for years and could be talked about for many more. If you are a Duck fan, make every effort not to miss this game. Whether the Ducks win or lose, you can be sure of this: there will be earsplitting noise, insane fans, and a football game for the ages.

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