A Little Instruction

Five-star defensive tackle Da'John Harris (6-4, 260, 4.85), from Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, (Calif.), continues to deny a leader after returning from his Sept. 9 official trip to Michigan.

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"Six schools are now in the lead: USC, Michigan, Miami, Nebraska, Oregon and Washington," Harris said. "They all call me at least once a week and all are equal right now. I won't make a final decision 'til late January or early February."

He enjoyed the Michigan/Central Michigan game, as well as meeting the coaches and players -- and especially his interaction with one particular coach. "Coach Steve Stripling (defensive line) took the time to teach me something I never knew before for D-Line," Harris said. "He taught me how to read the way the ball is going, so I can decide better when it's a run or pass. I know that information is probably out there, but I didn't know it."

The quality of coaching is one of Harris' two major decision-making factors, with playing time being the other. "I gotta be able to get along with the coaches," he said. "And as to playing time -- seriously, I think I'll get to play wherever I go and that's not being cocky, just confident. Right now the defense has opened up because other teams avoid me. If they let me tackle them, they might do better, 'cause they lose more yards by avoiding me."

Harris is hoping to make official visits to Miami next, then Oregon. "I'm just waiting for my running back, Apaiata Tuihalamaka (Scout.com's No. 24 defensive end), to get a cast off his ankle so we can go together to a lot of the schools. Anthony Boyles (Scout.com's No. 16 wide receiver) will also go with us," he added. "We've all had offers from most of the same schools. So we want to check them out together, even though we probably won't all decide on the same school. The three of us will probably go to Miami for a game in November, and just not sure when for Oregon, but they are definitely pushing for me to come."

He reports a 2.9 core GPA and an 1100 SAT.

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