Day Two for the Frosh (Pics)

Day two of fall camp for the incoming freshmen and transfers was more conditioning and drills. Figure-8 drills, sprints, and more of course more conditioning. Dave O'Shea offers some observations as well as photos.

"There was not a lot of action with the football this morning. There was a lot of speed work and a lot of work with their feet this morning. There were lots of sprints (drills) going on for all the players.

Shawn Perkins looks to be the fastest of the new linemen and has the best footwork of the bunch. I did watch him wrestle last year and he was very, very good on his feet for a big kid.

It was neat to see Perkins and Junior (Siavii) doing the rings and figure-8 workouts. The other picture is # 76 Enoka Lucas going back to the looker room after practice

I did see Andy Collins throw the ball and he looks to have a very strong-arm. With only one wide receiver there to pass to, it does not give him much opportunity to work on passing."

Thanks Dave, and keep up the good work!

Junior Siavii shows his agility running figure-8s.

Tired Ducks head for the showers after the morning practice.

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