Huskies and Ducks vie for the Beershoes Cup

While most people only care who wins the annual football game between the Washington Huskies and the Oregon Ducks, there is a new element to the rivalry between these two Northwest schools.

Since the WhiskeyDawg (or also known as The Godfather) introduced Beershoes to the tailgating culture at Washington, the passionate fans of these two schools have figured out a way to decide school bragging rights in the parking lot.

(PHOTO RIGHT) Contestants are just getting warmed up for the 2005 competition held at Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Ore. Click on photo to expand. (Photo by Scott Liljedahl)

Go_Or_Ducks a long time player for the Oregon Beershoes team is looking for a tighter Beershoes Brewers Cup this year. Oregon easily beat Washington 18-9 last year before the gridiron showdown at Autzen Stadium.

"Wins like ours in 2005 don't happen too often," Gordo said Tuesday, preparing for the showdown this Saturday. "I'd take 14 or 15 team points. That would be good enough for all of us."

(PHOTO LEFT)Washington's own Harry The Husky getting into the action. Like of the Duck fans could care. Click on photo to expand. (Photo by Scott Liljedahl)

However, Oregon team captain Bob Crawlduck is worried this year because Washington is bringing to Eugene the top two teams in the nation and four of the top 10 teams in the latest USBSA national power rankings. Oregon only has one team in the Top 20 (#15 Annoyance). Washington's team ET has won three straight tournaments, but Crawly is hoping they'll cool off for the November 4th matches.

"Fortunately for us ET doesn't have a great Brewer's Cup record," Crawly said. "So I'm looking forward to hopefully going out there and playing them two or three times."

The other top Washington team is TeamSod*. Sod is riding the success of its August win at the Kick Off Party Beershoes Nationals in Kelso Washington. Twenty-eight teams from as far away as Arizona and representing all four Northwest Pac 10 schools battled in the double elimination tournament. UW's Team Sod defeated WSU's TeamPF* in an epic championship match under the lights. Not a single Oregon team placed in the top 10 that night. Both Washington schools dominated the tournament.

(PHOTO RIGHT) Oregon's Team Annoyance's final shot to win and take back the Brewers Cup from Washington. Isn't there something about hand gernades that goes with this picture? Click on photo to expand. (Photo by Scott Liljedahl)

"Oregon just got blown out that day," said Coastduck via a teleconference call with the media. "[Oregon] teams had the good looking jersey's, we thought we were in condition, but we needed the Nike cooling vests that day. Temperatures were in the 90's at the start of the tournament"

When pressed about the up coming matches Team Sod* player Scott WhiskeyDawg opined, "The Oregon teams are always tough in the Brewers cup. They beat us by one point in 2003 in Seattle, and then we beat them in 2004 in Eugene. Last year was a fluke that they beat us that bad. I can tell you right now, Washington will be winning this weekend and taking the golden beer tap back to Seattle."

(PHOTO LEFT) The Balla twins try to coach a Washington team to a much needed victory. Looking on is (L to R) TrentDawg, Tindal22, WhiskeyDawg, HillsboroDawg. Meanwhile, most Duck fans appear to ignore what is going on except for the two nameless onlookers in the foreground. Click on photo to expand. (Photo by Scott Liljedahl)

"Who cares what Whiskeydawg says? We don't respect these Washington teams." AdDuck added "After what he said last year on Dawgman, we've have this date circled" Obviously Oregon Beershoes players are still upset over the comment by WhiskeyDawg when he was quoted as saying "The best team did not win today."

Washington team captain ReggieisGod has selected the following teams for the 2006 Brewers Cup. Teams ET, Sac, Sod, Dew*, and Ambulance Chasers. Asked about heading to Autzen for the 3rd consecutive year, Reggie boasted, "I have selected a team of seasoned road warriors. This is a very talented and experienced group of athletes that can handle the environment with exceeding comportment." Failing to make Reggie's cut was Sven "HillsborroDawg" Thorsen, the Casey Paus of Beer Shoes, who has since been relegated to the referee's chair.

(PHOTO RIGHT) Official Beershoes Gear, or anything else that can be purchased at Goodwill. Click on photo to expand. (Photo by Scott Liljedahl)

Oregon team captain Crawlduck has selected teams Annoyance, Quack Hos, E. Sanchez and what Crawley says "A few surprises".

If you plan on catching the action this Saturday here are a few things to look for. Oregon's Quack Ho's are the top all girl's team in the nation. During the last three years UW's Team Dew* made up of the omnipresent BigBallaJ and twin brother UWJosh have a very eerie connection to the success of the UW football team. In 2004 and 2005 they were arguably the worst Beer Shoes team in the entire nation. Yet they picked up their game at the end of 2005 and started out 2006 with a bang, only to cool off in recent weeks. So a good showing by the twins could be bad luck for the Oregon Duck football team.

*Names have been changed because this is a family website

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