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Daily links from outlets that normally cover the University of Oregon Ducks including the Eugene Register-Guard, Portland Tribune (Tuesday and Friday), The Oregonian (Portland), The Statesman Journal (Salem), Oregon Daily Emerald and

Oregon women will play at Wyoming - Statesman Journal

Porter comes up big - Statesman Journal

Ducks put NCAA on guard - Statesman Journal

Ducks: No problem - Oregonian

Ducks shoot daggers against the Eagles - Oregonian

It's indisputable: Ducks have their mojo working - Oregonian

Ron Bellamy: Talking heads provoke Ducks into burning down the house - Register Guard

Lightning strike, anyone? - Register Guard

Runnin' Rebels crash Sweet 16 - Register Guard

Ducks take switch to Winthrop - Register Guard

Family will see Ducks in St. Louis - Register Guard

Ducks stop last upstart - Register Guard

Zahn's wild ride at Oregon will end up in the Sweet 16 - Register Guard

After two big victories, where's the excitement? - Daily Emerald

When the chips are down, these Ducks come up big - Daily Emerald

Yurkovich eclipses personal-record in the javelin throw - Daily Emerald

Ladies double their pleasure with two weekend victories - Daily Emerald

Oregon relay team wins in a runaway - Daily Emerald

Three hat tricks help Ducks down Colgate at Pape Field - Daily Emerald

Ducks Wyoming-bound after thrashing of Santa Barbara - Daily Emerald

Ducks find perfection at Howe - Daily Emerald

Men's basketball: Game notes - Daily Emerald

Two down, two to go on the road to Atlanta - Daily Emerald

How Sweet 16 it is - Oregon earns trip to St. Louis - Local News Daily

Ducks advance to Sweet 16, defeat Eagles 75-61 -

Salling and Topps lead Oregon as 14th-ranked Ducks finish clash undefeated -

WNIT sends Ducks to Wyoming for third round -

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