Top NW Lineman Fought To Keep Football

Nick Cody, his coach and his teammates had to fight to keep football at their school. If Saturday was any indication of what kind of player Cody is, the fans of Hockinson High School will have a lot to cheer about next year.

Hockinson is not a very big school, in fact some 20 years ago it was just a wide spot along the road in rural Clark County but things have changed. Now that part of Clark County is grown up making the Portland-Vancouver area one of fast growing metropolitan areas in the country.

Nick Cody is a fierce competitor and when he sees something worth the effort he puts all of his energy into it. When there was discussion by the Hockinson School Board to do away with football, Nick was one of the guys along with his coach Rick Steele to stand up for the sport.

"There are some big guys on our team," said Cody. "It would have been ashamed for them to play somewhere else."

Cody was particularly impressive during drills conducted at the Barton Football Camp held at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon on Saturday. He caught the attention of the many college coaches that were in attendance and for representatives there, the offensive linemen at the Barton Camp are as good if not better than any of the other linemen seen around the country.

Cody is a powerfully built young man that stays low and uses his lower body strength well. He is starting to show up on a lot of program's radar and is definitely a Pac-10 type player.

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