Session I in the books

Eugene -- The Oregon Ducks veterans conducted the first session of the 2007 season in shells (no pads) going through a number of drills.

The upperclassmen had first taste at practice on Monday. The two-hour session started off with passing drills. Quarterbacks Dennis Dixon and Brady Leaf threw to the veteran receivers, along with one new face -- Terrance Scott. Cameron Colvin looked good in the initial workout. Colvin is noticeably bigger and the reported 600 passes he has been snagging during the off-season must have paid off. Derrick Jones was also on hand and showed no signs of rustiness, he looked very quick in his cuts.

Jonathan Stewart, Jeremiah Johnson and Andiel Brown took turns in running drills. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad was performing more mundane drills, but the offensive linemen were running sprints at one point -- welcome back Coach Greatwood!

One other highlight was punt returns. Stewart, Johnson, Brown, Patrick Chung and Jones all took turns fielding Josh Syria's booming punts.

Speaking of Syria, did I see him actually being able to slice the ball and draw the ball back into the middle of the field? Well, whatever the ball was doing, it was for sure high and long and leaving Syria's foot.

Underclassmen start their work around 3 p.m.

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