Day 2 Afternoon Session

Eugene -- The afternoon session saw many of the newcomers getting their feet wet as they did a lot of conditioning and fundamental drills.

In the afternoon practice, many of the newcomers came out to play. Looking up and down the roster, there is so much talent and potential it is hard to think back and find an Oregon team with as much depth and athletic ability.

Of the young quarterbacks, Nathan Costa is easily the most poised out there and really hits his targets in stride. Aside from one interception thrown to Talmadge Jackson III, albeit a great play by Jackson, Costa was slinging the ball as usual today. Roper also displayed a nice touch on his ball and was consistently hitting his receivers in stride with ease. When he is on, Justin really makes it look easy with just a flick of the wrist. Kempt was steady today and connected on most of his passes, although Casey Matthews did have an interception off of one his errant throws.

Speaking of the young linebackers, Casey Matthews and Terrance Pritchett really stood out this afternoon. They both have good size and both made several good plays in coverage. Pritchett has the frame to add about 15 pounds of muscle and he'll be a real good fit at middle linebacker. Eddie Pleasant displayed quick feet as well. Terrell Turner will likely see playing time this year, undoubtedly on special teams as he is physically ready to play right now.

Aaron Pflugrad continued to impress onlookers. All his movements are fluid with no wasted energy. He was out returning punts as well and has good hands with a surprising burst out of his cuts. Drew Davis benefited a great deal from Spring ball and looks like a veteran out there.

Coach Osborne was adamant today and really hammered it to his special teams unit barking to them, "if you don't keep that guy on your inside shoulder, you're going to have some real problems. And then you'll be answering to me."

It looks as if Secondary Coach John Neal has a solid group of incoming frosh with Javes Lewis, Todd Doxey, Talmadge Jackson, and Anthony Gildon. Jackson looks very similar physically to Marvin Johnson of last year, short and stocky with a lot of muscle. Ryan DePalo was running around and participating in several of the drills today with a brace on his knee and will likely be cleared to go by mid-August, maybe sooner. Coach Neal had the youngsters working a lot on leverage today, making sure they put themselves in good position to get off a block.

Malachi Lewis is, as reported, tall and fast. He has the frame to put on weight and likely maintain his quickness and agility. At first glance, it would be easy to mistake him for a safety or skinny tight end with his 6'3" frame at running back. Remene Alston continues to display quick feet and cut back ability and isn't too far of a drop off from Jeremiah Johnson and Jonathan Stewart. He will likely be used extensively at punt returner as well.

With better conditioning, it appears Darrion Weems would be seeing a lot of PT this year. He is massive and is very athletic for an OL. However he was huffing and puffing after line drills, which caused Coach Greatwood to express his disappointment. Charlie Carmichael also looked impressive at OL for an incoming freshman. Tonio Cellotto is another guy who, if needed, could step on the field and contribute this season. He has huge arms and is quick off the ball. Kenny Rowe at this point is a speed rusher off the outside as he has been lining up with the DE's. He looks about 220lb. right now and will likely need a year to put on more weight.

Other Notes: Charles Neal didn't participate in several of the drills, but was dressed down. Jeffrey Maehl was on hand for practice today and looks to be working with the wide receivers at this time. Titus Jackson has a club on his right hand. Ryan DePalo was also out running and doing a few of the drills during the afternoon session.

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