Remember Cas

Back in the fall of '51, I was introduced to Cas (Len Casanova) at an August Portland affair for Ducks to meet their new head coach (he was not hired until mid summer, after leaving Pitt). A couple of weeks later I was in his Mac Court office and getting squared away as his Senior Student Manager.

His first request of me was to make a list of Eugene Churches/Synagogues, the addresses and times of religious services. He was a daily communicate. The season was a long one - not much talent. My highlight was the trip to play Boston University where we toured the historical sights. The several alumni on the flight, coaches and administrators, went to a supper club and heard Lena Horne (what a voice).

We took the train to California and nearly upset the Golden Bears.

Cas was a class act, on and off the field. He and first wife (she passed away some 40 years ago) Dixie, came to Portland for my marriage in 1954 to Sally. His wife for the past some 35 plus years, Margaret, was a wonderful companion right until the end. I do remember a trip I took with the team some 15 years ago, and at the Friday hotel get-together, Cas left the room to have the "forbidden" cigarette, set off the smoke alarm in the hallway. Margaret came charging out to lecture Cas.

A whole bunch of his athletes some 30 years ago put together a fund raising drive and retired the mortgage on his house.

One last comment, Herb Yamanaka took great care of Cas right until the end. He took him to his office in the Cas Center for the last time a couple of months ago.

My life was enriched knowing Cas. God makes very few like him. May God rest his sole.

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