Game Day: Ducks For Sale

While not previously sold on what Oregon had to offer, I'm ready to invest in a team and a quarterback who've been on the market for quite some time.

I admit it, I'm itchin' to buy. I liked what I saw in Ann Arbor and I want more of it. I liked that quarterback who looked poised, confident, and on-target with his throws. I liked those receivers who got behind their opponents and made plays in the open field. I liked those defenders who played hard and fast ‘til the whistle blew. And I liked those coaches who took chances, went out on limbs, and trusted their personnel to make plays.

The Oregon Ducks piqued my interest last Saturday in the "Big House." What I thought was unimaginable, occurred right before my eyes…and did so in a very impressive fashion.

I don't care that Michigan lost to Appalachian State. I don't care that they were unranked at the time of the dismantling. They're still Michigan. They still have (or had) two Heisman candidates. And they still play in a stadium and conference with infinite amounts of history and prestige.

Read my lips; that's a good win.

No, that's a damn good win!

Anybody who tries to tell you differently is either a "hater," a "glass-half-emptier," or an "East Coast homer" reluctant to give credit where credit is due.

Now I ask but one thing Ducks; don't let me down?

Pat Hill and his valley boys from Fresno come a knockin' this afternoon, and they'd love nothing more than to rain on Oregon's parade. They'd love to bring you, I, and every other onlooker singing the Ducks' praises back down to earth…in a loud, obnoxious manner.

And let me tell you a little secret; they can do it.

If Oregon doesn't come to play, they'll lose. The Bulldogs are entirely capable of putting a damper on the love-fest currently engulfing the city of Eugene. While not the depth of a Pac-10 opponent, Fresno's starting talent is equal to many conference foes. They're fast and they play hard. They fear no one and believe they can win.

Dennis Dixon needs to continue his superlative play, the Duck's defense needs to continue improving, and Mike Bellotti, Nick Aliotti, and Chip Kelly need to continue coaching with reckless abandon. Blitzing, extending the field through the passing game, and digging deep into the playbook for innovative and imaginative schemes and formations. If it ain't broken don't fix it, and a present, it needs no repair.

I'm not sure what happened to Mr. Dixon over the last nine months, but whomever or whatever's responsible for said transformation should be gifted a share or two of Nike stock. Dennis has shown unprecedented poise and leadership of late, and is becoming the player we all thought he could be coming out of high school.

Dare I say it's coming together. The offense is flourishing, the defense is growing with every snap, and the special teams are showing significant improvement over last season's many disasters. Yet, without all or the majority of the aforementioned, a loss is a reality.

So, Oregon better bring intensity, execution, and minimal mistakes to Rich Brooks field Saturday, or their bubble will burst and their value will diminish.

And I prefer to buy high.

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