Final Score—Oregon 52, Fresno State 21

Eugene, OR— Fresno State entered the game today with extra incentive to beat the Ducks. In each of the past five meetings between the teams, Oregon has had uncomfortably close wins- the biggest margin being 7 points. If that was not enough to put a charge in the Bulldogs, knowing this might be the last chance to exact some retribution from the Ducks in the foreseeable future should have been.

Oregon and Fresno State have played frequently in recent history, but the two teams are not scheduled to play again any time soon. Fresno State is one of the few teams that might be immune to the pressure cooker otherwise known as Autzen Stadium, but today the Ducks dominated the field.

Fresno State started the second half with a long pass from Tom Brandstater to WR Marlon Moore to their own 48 yard line. David Faaeteete sacked Brandstater for an 8 yard loss, and the Oregon defense held Fresno State to another punt. Fresno State took the opportunity to pin the Ducks deep in their own territory as the Bulldog's punt coverage team downed the ball at the Oregon 2 yard line.

The Ducks went three-and-out after the Fresno State defense held, and the great special teams play continued. Oregon punter Josh Syria booted a towering 50 yard punt that bounced out of bounds at the Fresno State 49 yard line.

Fresno State running back Ryan Matthews picked up big yardage on a run up the middle to the Oregon 34 yard line. A personal foul against Fresno State backed them up to the Oregon 49 yard line, where the Ducks successfully defended a long pass on third and 25. Andiel Brown fielded his first punt of the day and picked up 20 yards to the Oregon 33 yard line.

The Ducks next possession was cut short as Ed Dickson fumbled the ball and Fresno State recovered at the Oregon 48 yard line. Dickson fumbled after catching a strike from Dixon for what would have been first down yardage.

Bulldog TE Bear Pascoe picked up big yardage over the middle on a great 20 yard pass from Brandstater to the Oregon 28 yard line. Nick Reed stopped Brandstater three yards behind the line of scrimmage on third and long, and Tonio Cellotto batted down the fourth and long pass at the line of scrimmage. Oregon took oven on downs.

Oregon went three and out after a fumble by Jonathan Stewart squirted out of bounds and had the Ducks facing a third a very long. A 14 yard pass to Jaison Williams was not enough to get the first down, and the Ducks punted. Josh Syria continued to boot the ball well, kicking a 46 yarder out of bounds at the Fresno State 15 yard line.

Jerome Boyd broke up a pass across the middle, and the Ducks held Fresno State to another three and out. Bulldog punter Kyle Zimmerman showed off his own powerful leg as he bombed a 61 yard punt into Oregon territory.

Dennis Dixon picked up 15 yards on a shake-and-bake keeper, which Jonathan Stewart followed with a bruising run up the middle to the Fresno 48. Dixon and Stewart kept the ball in their hands as Dixon passed to Stewart for a 10 yard gain to the Frenso 36 yard line. Andre Crenshaw came in to spell Stewart and took three consecutive runs down to the 19 yard line for a total of 17 yards.

End of third quarter.

Dennis Dixon hooked up on a big pass to Jaison Williams for 16 yards to start the third quarter. Williams broke a tackle and sprinted up the sideline before he was forced out at the 3 yard line. Andre Crenshaw powered the ball into the end zone a couple plays later for a 2 yard touchdown—his first career touchdown as a Duck. Oregon 49, Fresno State 14.

Oregon brought in the second teamers to finish the game in the fourth quarter. Michael Speed and Ra'Shon Harris anchored the line as the Ducks continued to put big pressure on Brandstater. Oregon forced… another three and out.

Brady Leaf entered the game as Oregon took over on their own 48 yard line. Andre Crenshaw continued to pick up big yardage on the ground even in obvious running situations. Crenshaw entered the game in a similar situation at Michigan, and ran for big yardage with his second team offense. Leaf completed a 15 yard pass to Cameron Colvin on third and 16, bringing up fourth and 1 at the Fresno State 31. Andre Crenshaw took a handoff off the right edge of the line and ran it for big yardage to the 16 yard line. After a Fresno State personal foul, Remene Alston gained 6 yards on the ground up the middle to the Fresno State 2 yard line. The Ducks kept it on the ground to keep the clock running and Daniel Padilla kicked a 22 yard field goal after Fresno State stopped the Ducks from reaching the end zone. Oregon 52, Fresno State 14.

Freshman Casey Matthews and the second/third team defense fought off a lengthy Fresno State drive, including a big hit by Talmadge Jackson on the 2 yard line. Fresno State scored on a dive straight up the middle a play later. Oregon 52, Fresno State 21.

Speedster Derrick Jones took the ensuing kickoff back for to the Oregon 38 for a 32 yard return. The Ducks kept the ball on the ground to run out the clock.

Final Score: Oregon 52, Fresno State 21

Oregon's Jonathan Stewart was the player of the game, rushing 17 times for 165 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Dennis Dixon completed 14 passes on 20 attempts for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also added 59 yards and another touchdown on 8 carries.

The Ducks were determined to run the ball again, picking up 307 yards on 47 attempts. Andre Crenshaw picked up 51 yards on 11 attempts in situations where the Fresno defense was loading the line knowing the Ducks would run to keep the clock moving.

The Duck defense answered questions about their ability to stop the run, and limited the Bulldogs to 60 yards rushing on 36 attempts.

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