Remembering Cas - Cas had at least one vote

Our daughter, Janet, did enough paid/unpaid work in the athletic office in the late 60s and early 70s that she gained a first-hand appreciation for Cas (Len Casanova.) Several years later, at a UO tailgate party at the LA Coliseum, I had an opportunity to tell Cas the result.

In one of her first voting opportunities after reaching voting age, Janet looked over the ballot choices and found them wanting. So in the extra space provided for write-ins, as her vote for president of the United States she wrote in "Len Casanova." I have no doubt that she meant it.

Cas seemed to get a genuine kick out of the story.

Marty Martindale remembers when he met Casanova.

The first time I met him was at a small alumnus gathering in Newport Beach about 12 years ago, many years before my association with eDuck. He had no ego and I remember him approaching me and introducing himself almost like we already knew each other. When I called him Coach Casanova he immediately corrected me and said, "call me Cas."

Full of class and a true Duck legend

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