Ducks lead Huskies at halftime, 24-17

Seattle -- Led by Jonathan Stewart's 144 yards and two touchdowns, the Oregon Ducks took a 24-17 lead into halftime over the Washington Huskies. Stewart carried the ball 18 times while quarterback Dennis Dixon threw for one touchdown on a 12-for-21 effort. Jake Locker threw two touchdown passes, going 6-for-12 and 132 yards.

Oregon won the toss and elected to receive.

Stewart takes the ball to the Washington 39. Dixon throws to Garren Strong for a 11-yard gain. Stewart takes the next hand off and picks up 5. Dixon finds Williams coming across the middle for a 7-yard gain at the Oregon 39. Stewart goes around the right side for 8. Stewart goes up the middle for 9 and a first down at the Oregon 21. Dixon scrambles to the Oregon 18. Stewart takes it to the 2 for 16-yard gain. Stewart stopped for no gain. Dixon rolls right and finds Strong for the touchdown. It is Strong's first career touchdown. Nine plays 63 yards in 3:54.

Evensen kicks off and Louis Rankin returns to the Washington 37. Rankin stopped for a 2-yard gain, tackled by Chung. Locker keeps the ball and picks up a four yards to the 43, with Gibbs making the stop. Goodwin hauls in a Locker pass for 3-yards and immediately stopped by Thurmond. Huskies forced to punt. Ballman kicks the ball into the endzone.

Oregon starts on its own 20. Stewart takes the ball left for three to the Oregon 23. Dixon misses Ed Dickson bringing up 3rd and 7 on the 23. Dixon hits Pflugrad for a gain of 15. Dixon hits Strong for 15. Dixon pitches to Dickson on the option for 12 yards to the Oregon 35. Dixon ran out of bounds after gaining one yard. Stewart goes around the left side for a 2-yard gain to the Oregon 32. Dixon dumps off to Stewart at the 21 bringing up a 4th and 1. Stewart carries the ball to the 17. Dixon finds Strong for a 16-yard completion to the 2. Stewart goes into the endzone for the touchdown. Evensen converts the extra point bringing the score 14-0 Oregon. The last drive covered 80 yards in 11 plays and lasted 3:56.

Evensen kicks to Rankin, who brings the ball back to the Washington 16, tackled by T.J. Ward. Locker finds a wide-open Anthony Russo who goes all the way for 83 yards. Perkins gets the point after and the Huskies trim the Oregon lead to 14-7.

Andre Crenshaw takes the ball back to the Oregon 40. Stewart picks up three to the 43. Stewart goes around the right side and picks up 20 to the Washington 37. Dixon throws out the Pflugrad for 12 yards to the Washington 25. Stewart takes the pitch to the Washington 11 for 14 yards. Crenshaw takes the handoff for 6 yards to the 5. Stewart caught in the backfield and loses 3. Dixon calls timeout. Dixon's pass to Dickson is incomplete. Evensen's field goal attempt of 25-yards is good making the score 17-7.

Evensen's kick goes through the endzone for a touchback.

Washington starts on its 20. Locker is incomplete to Goodwin. Bandon Johnson for 1-yard gain to the 21. Locker overthrows Marcel Reese and the Huskies punt. Patrick Chung blocked the punt and the Ducks take over at the Washington 39.

Dixon over throws Stewart. Stewart takes a handoff on misdirection and gains 10 to the Washington 29. Dixon is incomplete but there is a penalty flag on the play, illegal formation, six men on the line. The ball is moved back to the 34. Jordan Reffett breaks up Dixon's pass. Wilson Afoa sacks Dixon at the Washington 40. Dixon moves the ball back to the 36 bringing up 4th and 17 ending the first half. Evensen punts the ball out of bounds on the Washington 19.

Johnson loses one yard and it's 2nd and 11 at the Washington 18. Locker keeps for 7 to the 25. Locker hits Cody Ellis for 8 yards, 1st and 10 at the 33. Locker's pass is incomplete. Locker incomplete to Russo. Locker sacked at the 22, Huskies punt to Oregon's 32.

Stewart is stopped for no gain. Dixon is incomplete to Dickson. Dixon misses Jaison Williams and the Ducks are forced to punt. Josh Syria's punt is fielded by Russo and is returned to the Washington 35.

Locker's pass is complete to Gottlieb for 5. Paul Homer gains 4. Locker picks up the first down by going left for 4-yards to the Washington 48. Locker scrambles to and gains 8 yards to the Oregon 43. Rankins picks up 14 to the Oregon 29. Rankin carries again but is stopped after a 3-yard gain. Locker finds Reese at the goal line for a 26-yard touchdown. Perkins converts cutting the score to 17-14 Oregon.

Brown takes the ball back to the 25 but a holding call brings the ball back to the Oregon 10. Dixon's pass is deflected out of bounds. Dixon rushes out to the 25 picking up a first down. Dixon to Jaison Williams for a gain of 13 to the Oregon 38. Stewart is finally knocked out of bounds after picking up 28 to the Washington 34. Dixon finds Williams for 22 yards to the Washington 12. Stewart goes into the touchdown for his second score of the day. Evensen is good on the point after and the Ducks increase their lead to 24-14.

Evensen kicks off and Rankin brings it back to the 31 but a flag for an illegal block in the back spots the ball at the Washington 17. Locker throws out to Russo for a 7-yard gain to the 24. Locker is tackled for loss at the 19. Locker is hurried and his pass goes incomplete. Ballman's punt goes out of bounds at the Oregon 34.

Dixon runs up the middle on a keeper for a gain of 24 to the Washington 42. Ball is fumbled but Pflugrad recovers for a 2-yard loss at the Washington 44. Dixon calls timeout. Stewart gains eight to the Washington 36. Dixon is incomplete. Evensen's 53-yard field goal attempt is short. Locker's pass in overthrown but Jairus Byrd is called for pass interference (declined) but a roughing the passer call placed the ball on the Oregon 49. Rankin breaks away for 23 yard to the Oregon 26. Locker keeps to the Oregon 8. Locker calls timeout. Locker tackled for no gain. Locker tackled after a 5-yard gain at the Oregon 4. Locker's pass was incomplete to Russo. A 21-yard field goal by Ryan Perkins was good making the score 24-17 Oregon.

The ball is squibbed-kicked and Andiel Brown returns the ball to the Oregon 44. Dixon rushes to the 48. Dixon completes to Strong at the Washington 43. Illegal formation penalty called on Oregon moving it back to the 48. Dixon's Hail Mary is intercepted by Byron Davenport as time expires in the first half.

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