Ducks trail at halftime

Tucson – Disaster hit the Oregon Ducks in the first quarter when quarterback Dennis Dixon's knee collapsed and as the Heisman Trophy candidate withered in pain on the turf of Arizona's stadium, the Oregon Ducks watched in shock as hopes for a National Championship seemed to fade away.

Dixon had been outstanding in the first two possessions of the game as he ran for a 39-yard touchdown on the first possession of the game. After the Ducks intercepted Arizona quarterback Willie Tuitama, Dixon and the Ducks were back in business, but Dixon was intercepted as a sure touchdown got away from wide receiver Derrick Jones and into the hands of Nate Ness and returned to the Oregon 45. After a couple of small gains Tuitama hit Mike Thomas for 34 yards and a touchdown.

When the Ducks got the ball back, it looked like Oregon was back on track moving from its own 30 to Arizona 15 when Dixon's knee went out from under him. Dixon left the game and the Ducks were forced to kick a field goal.

From that point on everything went Arizona's way as Tuitama hit on one more touchdown strike and Antoine returned a Brady Leaf for a touchdown plus returned Josh Syria's punt for another touchdown.

When the smoke finally cleared Arizona led 31-14 over the Ducks.

Tuitama was 12-for-18, 167 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Stewart had 88 yards rushing and Dixon had 34 net yards plus the touchdown. Passing Dixon was 5-of-8 for 62 yards and the interception. Leaf was 7-of-16, 69 yards and two interceptions.

Oregon was unable to consistently move the ball in the second quarter although the 290 yards of total offense the Ducks offense would not reflect that.

Dixon will not return to the game and his long-term status is not known.

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