Defense is the story

Pasadena -- The first half of the Oregon-UCLA game was dominated by both team's defense as the only scoring came on a pair of Kai Forbath field goals and the Bruins led at halftime 6-0.

The Ducks gained a total of 101 net yards in the first half, compared to UCLA's 40. Brady Leaf was 4-of-11 for 45 yards before forced the leave the game. He is not expected back in the second half. Cody Kempt was 1-of-8 for 5 yards. Chris Markey for UCLA had 15 carries for 45 yards and Jonathan Stewart of Oregon had eight carries for 24 yards. UCLA's Occar Raashan was 0-7 in passing and was sacked three times.

Patrick Chung returned the ball to the 21. Brady Leaf's pass dropped by Ed Dickson. Andre Crenshaw carries to the 28 but the play is nullified by an illegal procedure (six men on the line) call. Leaf keeps the ball and carries to 25. Leaf is tipped and goes incomplete. Ducks if forced to punt. Josh Syria's punt goes out on the Oregon 42.

Occar Raashan's pass in nearly picked off by Matt Harper but falls incomplete. Chris Markey picks up a yar to the O43. Raashan's pass is broken up and Bruins punt. Arron Perez punts the ball into the endzone for a touchback.

Oregon's ball at the its own 20. Ball is snapped directly to Andre Crenshaw who picks up to the 28. Leaf keeps the ball to the 31. Kemp hands off to Jonathan Stewart but is hit in the backfield for a 3-yard loss. Leaf is incomplete to Stewart. A flag is thrown before the snap because of a false start against Ed Dickson. The ball is moved to the 25. Leaf completes to Jaison Williams for a first down to the UCLA 42. The ball is snapped over Cody Kempt's head and the ball is recovered at the O29.

Markey picks up 2 yards to the 27. Raashan is sacked by Jeremy Gibbs for a 3-yard loss. Raashan is sacked again, this time by Kenny Rowe at the O36. UCLA's Kai Forbath kicks a 54-yard field goal. UCLA3, Oregon 0.

Chung takes the ball from the 5-yard line and takes it back to the Oregon 29. Crenshaw takes the hand off and picks up 1. Leaf is incomplete. UCLA calls timeout. Leaf's pass is tipped and goes incomplete. Ducks punt. Syria's punt is fair-caught by Terrence Austin at the UCLA37. Rasshan's pass is incomplete. Markey carries for 2-yards to the 39. Raashan is sacked by Gibbs at the UCLA 31. Bruins punt and the ball is fair-caught by Jairus Byrd at the O18.

Leaf's pass was incomplete. Stewart carreis the ball to the 24. Leaf completes to Dickson to the 30. Stewart takes the ball to the 41 for a first down. Stewart takes the ball again and rushes to the U48. Crenshaw is hit in the backfield for a 3-yard loss. Leaf's pass is complete to Williams but results in a loss of 2. Leaf hits Jeffery Maehl to the 32. Stewart is hit in the backfield for a loss of 2. Leaf is incomplete. Leaf is sacked at the 42 and Ducks punt. A flag is thrown for illegal procedure and is enforced on the touchback for the punt.

Markey carries to the U32. Markey is hit in the backfield for no gain. Markey is stopped for no gain and the Bruins punt. Perez is field by Byrd at the O14 and he returns it to the 16. Leaf is sacked at the 10. Leaf is shaken up on the play and Kempt replaces him. Stewart carries the ball to the 15. Kempt keeps the ball and gets to the 19. Syria kicks to Austin at the U28.

Rasshan's pass intercepted by Walter Thurmond at the O37. Stewart slips and falls at the 30 for a 7-yard loss. Crenshaw carries to the 33. Crenshaw makes it back to the 33. Ducks punt Syria's punt is field at the 19 by Austin where his dropped.

Markey carries to the 31. Markey is dropped for a 4-yard loss to the 27. Raashan's pass is incomplete. Markey picks up 10 but the Bruins are forced to punt. Byrd calls for a fair catch on Perez's punt at the O19.

Kempt keeps to the 22. Crenshaw picks up a yard to the 23. Kempt is intercepted at the O29. The play was reviewed but call stands.

Markey takes the handoff and gets to the O25. Markey carries again to the 24. Raashan picks up the first down to the O12. Craig Sheppard dropped for a 2-yard loss to the 15. Raashan's pass broken up by Byrd. Raashan is incomplete. Forbath's attempt of 31 is good and the Burins go ahead 6-0.

Chung returns the kickoff to the O24. Crenshaw takes the direct snap to the 36. Stewart takes the ball to the 40. Crenshaw takes another direct snap to the 40. Kempt is hit as he throws and the ball fall incomplete. Austin takes Syria's punt to the U34. Brandon Breazell for a 3-yard gain on an end around run. Markey is stopped for no gain. Raashan is sacked at the 35 and UCLA punts. Byrd calls fair catch and the Ducks take over at its own 23.

Kempt is complete to Ed Dickson for a 5-yard gain. Crenshaw hands off to Maehl who fumbles and recovers for a 9-yard gain. Kempt's pass just misses Williams. Kempt keeps the ball for a gain of 2. Kempt is incomplete and the Ducks punt. Syria's punt is downed at the U30.

Markey is stopped for a gain of 1. Markey carries for 1 to the U34. Markey moves the ball to the U39 and UCLA punts. Perez's punt rolls out of bounds at the O23.

With 28 seconds left in the half Kempt's pass hits Williams hands but is incomplete. A personal foul is called on the UCLA defense (illegal hands to the face) and the ballis moved to the 38. Kempt's pass to Williams is incomplete. Kempt's pass bounces incomplete. Kempt's pass is incomplete and with nine seconds the Ducks punt. Syria's punt goes out of bounds as time expires.

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