SPS made it to El Paso!

El Paso -- After six hours and eight bags of Southwest Airlines' peanuts, I arrived at my hotel and just in time for Mexican Night, where the good folks that put on the Brut Sun Bowl are entertaining media members with some good Tex-Mex Cuisine. Meanwhile the Ducks have gone bowling -- the 10-pin type, along with South Florida in one of the community activities put on by the Sun Bowl organization.

This is the 74th year for the Sun Bowl and when I left Portland this morning it was cold and rainy. How pleasant it was to arrive in West Texas to clear skies and a very tolerable 50 degrees.

As I write this, I see loads of food coming into the Sun Bowl's media hospitality room and if there is a better run organization or more friendly people then I'd like to see them. The folks here are just great. They are very proud of the product they are putting on and with good reason. It didn't take long for Charlie Garcia, Co-Chair of the Sun Bowl Media Committee, to greet me when I came in to pick up my press credentials with a firm handshake and sincere smile. Nearly 60 percent of the local population make some sort of contribution to the Sun Bowl, the pinnacle of civic activity in the El Paso/Juarez and Los Cruses area. With over 2 million people in the area this is a big event, just as the Rose Festival is in Portland during June.

A point of pride for the folks here in El Paso is their relationship with Ft Bliss and the Air Defense Command. On Monday the stands will be filled with GI's from Fort Bliss, many who will be standing guard for our country's defense in the very near future.

So, I'm going to sit back and enjoy this tonight. I'll have update on what is going on with the team in a blog form and on the message boards.

Bien Venidos a El Paso!

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