Hitting the Books Hard

Myles Wade is determined to get back to the University of Oregon. In fact, he is putting all of his energies into one thing -- obtaining his associates degree.

Myles Wade, the 6-3, 310-pound defensive tackle was a 4-star recruit and widely regarded as the top player out of the state of Oregon in the 2007 recruiting class. He was an U.S. Army All-American. He had all the accolades anyone could want, but when it came time to meet the enrollment criteria to enter the University of Oregon, he fell a little short.

That was a humbling and crushing blow to such a big guy, but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he recognized that there was only way to realize his dream of becoming an Oregon Duck -- hit the books hard and get qualified to enroll. Last summer he enrolled at Arizona Western College and got to work both on the field and in the classroom. The football part was easy as far as what one might expect, but the good news for Wade is that when fall semester ended he had a 3.1 GPA!

Now that football is over, Wade is as determined as ever to keep that good grade average and finish his associates as soon as possible. This term he is carrying a backbreaking 22-hour load and he's all business about getting things done the right way.

One of the things that sticks out in Myles' mind is that the Oregon coaching staff believed and stayed with him through his low point of not making it into school at Oregon. So it came as no surprise to the Duck coaching staff that as soon as they could extend a formal offer to Myles, that he would accept. Which is exactly what he did.

"The whole coaching staff knew I was coming back," said Wade of his relationship with Oregon. "I have no plans to go anywhere else."

Myles will finish the current semester at Arizona Western in May and then transfer to Portland Community College. A family situation is the reason for this but Myles is determined to go straight through until he has enough credits for his AA. His timetable now shows he'll be finished and ready to enroll at Oregon for winter term 2009. Myles is known as a full-speed, all out player on the field, but while he won't be playing football next fall, he plans to go full bore in school.

Last fall Wade watched the Ducks on television and felt a bit sad because he had missed his first chance at being part of a great Duck team.

"I followed them and it was hard to watch sometime." Wade remembered. "When I saw Oregon beat USC and Michigan and when they were No. 2, I knew I should have been there."

At the rate he is going now, it's not likely he'll blow a second chance.

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