Joey on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Lions' rookie quarterback Joey Harrington who was featured in a Cosmopolitan article - as one of the USA's '50 hottest hunks' last month, is on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated

"I think it's cool,'' he said.

Harrington says he chooses to not believe in the so-called SI jinx. "I was on the cover before last college football season,'' he said. ``That wasn't a curse. I think we did all right.

"It's mental. If you want to believe in the curse, then you believe in it. If you don't, you don't.''

The only difference between on the cover of SI and featured as an eligible bachelor in Cosmo - as Harrington sees it - is that he doesn't expect to get nearly as much kidding from his teammates over the SI cover. He says he doesn't think it puts any additional pressure on him to produce, although he is listed with Drew Brees of San Diego Michael Vick of Atlanta, David Carr of Houston and Tom Brady of New England as the 'NFL's Best Crop of QBs in 20 Years.'

"I don't think it changes anything,'' he said. "People are already watching the NFL, people are already watching the Detroit Lions, so it really doesn't change anything. You just go out and play, it doesn't affect you.''

Harrington and the Lions face the hottest team in the NFL next week when they travel to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin to take on the Packers (7-1) and Brett Favre. This is the second time this season the Lions and Packers have met. In their first meeting - Harrington's first start - the Packers held on to win a 37-31 thriller. Harrington led the lowly Lions on a great comeback the came up off short as a pass grazed the fingertips of tight end Mikael Ricks as he ran into the end zone. Harrington has started six games and the Lions have been in the game until the last plays and more importantly have won three of those games giving them a 3-6 record. Last year the Lions were 2-14 for the season.

The Cosmo article was developed last spring and Harrington's e-mail address was included in the story. There are no reports on the number of responses that Harrington has received from young women interested in making him an ex-eligible bachelor.

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