Anything But Ordinary

It wasn't that Oregon's defense struggled to make Thursday's practice so unusual, but it was the plays they made. Oregon's defense didn't play like they normally do, but they still played up to par.

As you have probably read, seen or heard, Oregon's defense has looked sharp during spring practice. They have been showing a knack for forcing turnovers, and they did that yet again in today's practice in shells. So, just how weird was today's practice? Senior defensive tackle Ra'Shon Harris had more interceptions than any other defensive starter.

This highlight of the day was an interception of Justin Roper by defensive tackle Ra'Shon Harris. Roper was finishing his progressions as he looked to a man in the middle of the field. Harris was coming off a block and threw up his hands as Roper finished his delivery. The 6-foot-5-inch 310 pound defensive lineman showed the soft hands of a cornerback as he plucked the pass out of the air and began rumbling in the opposite direction.

The defense's play today wasn't flashy nor perfect. They didn't force as many turnovers as in practices before, but they didn't lose a lot of battles either. The defense made the stops and stuffs it had to against the run.

The days of the offense continuing to stall may be numbered this spring. Chip Kelly's offense had some nice running plays from both LaGarrette Blount and Andre Crenshaw. However for every big run given up, the defense made up for it with a forced fumble, a tackle for no gain or an unconventional interception by a defensive lineman.

Frantz Dorsainvil saw his first action of the spring in 11-on-11 drills. The wackiness of the defense's performance involved him as well. On an off-tackle hand-off to LaGarrette Blount to Dorsainvil's side, a plethora of defenders surrounded Blount as the whistle blew. When the pile dispersed, there remained LaGarrette Blount still standing. As for Oregon's newest defensive lineman, the 6-foot-8-inch 260 pound Frantz Dorsainvil was on the ground without a helmet, clutching the ankles of Blount.

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