One Step At a Time

On Thursday Oregon's offense began doing the things it hadn't been doing this spring, limiting turnovers and getting consistent running performances from their quarterbacks and running backs. Yesterday's showing wasn't perfect, but it was their best of the spring.

The offense has been behind a learning curve for the majority of spring. With three quarterbacks making their Oregon debut this spring, the offense, at times, has been a work in progress to say the least. On Thursday's practice it was an unlikely runner that got the offense moving.

During the first 11-on-11 session, Cody Kempt kept it on an option and sliced through the middle of the field. It was unusual to see any runner with that much space on a run, especially a quarterback. Kempt was past the second level and had already gained 25 yards when the coaches blew the play dead.

Yet Kempt wouldn't be the only quarterback to pick up decent chunks of yards on option keepers. Freshmen Darron Thomas and Chris Harper also had 15 yard runs on option keepers.

The running game's success would spread to the running backs as well. LaGarette Blount's excellent play this spring had left returning junior Andre Crenshaw as the forgotten man. Crenshaw had two very big reminders for fans, coaches and teammates today. They both came in the form of huge runs that would have been 70 yard scores, if the whistles hadn't blown them dead as Crenshaw hit the open field.

As for the passing game today, it was highlighted by two tremendous catches by sophomore Drew Davis and senior Terence Scott. The two plays were identical as both out-jumped defenders for the ball. Davis and Scott timed their jumps perfectly and caught the ball at the top of their jumps.

Yet mistakes on offense limited some of the development today. Whether it was a fumble on a poor option pitch to LaGarrette Blount from Cade Cooper or a snap hitting an unaware Cody Kempt in the chest, the progress made were baby steps. But baby steps tend be the starting point for all good things.

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