Ziegler Wins Oregon Weightlifting Classic

EUGENE – Brendan Ziegler bettered the competition in both the clean and jerk as well as the snatch lifts to emerge as the clear men's division winner of the of 17th annual Oregon Weightlifting Classic Saturday in the University of Oregon's Casanova Center.

Ziegler, who is the assistant strength and conditioning coach at Oregon State, managed to clear the most weight in the overall competition for the second year in a row, combining for a total of 300 kilograms (661 lbs.) in the two phases of competition. He successfully lifted 132.5 kg (292 lbs.) in the snatch and 167.5 kg (369¼ lbs.) in the clean and jerk to place first in the 105 kg class. Ziegler outdistanced Oregon defensive tackle Ra'Shon Harris, who finished second in both the 105-kg weight class and overall with a combined lift of 255 kg (562 lbs.).

Defensive back Marvin Johnson was the Ducks' only other football player who took part in the competition, placing first in the 94 kg class and third overall with an accumulated total of 252.5 kg (556¼ lbs.).

Creswell's Sarah Bertram finished first in the women's 69 kg weight class and was crowned the women's overall top lifter as she totaled 182.5 kg (402¼ lbs.).

Men's Weight-Class Results
Wt. Class Name, Club Total Weight Lifted

56 kg 1. Jeff Torson, Moses Force 140.0 kg (308½ lbs.)
62 kg 1. Walker Davis, Portland Oregon Weightlifting 117.5 kg (259 lbs.)
77 kg 1. Tyler Gibbs, Heavy Athletics 217.5 kg (479¾ lbs.)
94 kg 1. Marvin Johnson, University of Oregon 252.5 kg (556¼ lbs.)
105 kg 1. Brendan Ziegler, Unattached 300.0 kg (661 lbs.)
2. Ra'Shon Harris, University of Oregon 255.0 kg (562 lbs.)

Women's Weight-Class Results

Wt. Class Name, Club Total Weight Lifted

53 kg 1. Mary Pond, Heavy Athletics 117.5 kg (259 lbs.)
63 kg 1. Lisa Tedford, Iron Works 112.5 kg (248 lbs.)
69 kg 1. Sarah Bertram, Heavy Athletics 182.5 kg (402¼ lbs.)
75 kg 1. Brandy Chance, Portland State Weightlifting 85.0 kg (187¼ lbs.)
75+ kg 1. Lori Alford, Iron Works 129.5 kg (281 lbs.)

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