Cody on campus and enjoying it

Mike Bellotti called him the best recruiter he had for the 2008 recruiting class, and now freshman Nick Cody is enrolled in school and participating in summer workouts.

Nick Cody, 6-6, 295 took time out to talk to eDuck Sports about how he is adjusting to college life and what he has to do to become a bigger asset for the Ducks this year.

Cody, along with most of the veterans and incoming freshman workout daily under the tutelage of Oregon Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Radcliffe. Each day the football, soccer, and softball teams (and an occasional basketball player) spend about 90 minutes going through a regime of conditioning exercises that increase the individual's fitness.

The summer workouts are an annual event that is voluntary, and for those who do not stay in Eugene it is an uphill battle in August to get into the kind of shape the Oregon coaches demand for performance and safety of the athlete.

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