Duck Players Establish Memorial Fund

EUGENE – University of Oregon football players are behind the efforts to establish a memorial fund to cover the family's funeral and medical expenses following the tragic drowning of teammate Todd Doxey, who died Sunday following an accident on the McKenzie River.

Dominic Glover, Javes Lewis, Jeff Maehl and Will Wallace all enrolled at Oregon with Doxey last fall as part of the Ducks' 2007 recruiting class, with Maehl the only one of the five players not to redshirt last season. Because of their friendship with Doxey, his teammates decided to pay tribute to the 19-year-old San Diego native as well as assist his family in need.

With their help, the Todd Doxey Memorial Fund was established to help defray the expenses associated with the redshirt defensive back's death. NCAA rules require the university to oversee the memorial fund. Any monies donated that are over and above the permissible expense incurred by the family must, by NCAA rules, be donated to charity. Donations (by check) should be forwarded to:

Todd Doxey Memorial Fund c/o Jubilee World Outreach 1171 Fairfield Ave. Eugene, OR 97402

Notations should be attached to the donation in regards to the affiliation of the contributor to the University of Oregon (i.e., donor, season ticket-holder, employee, etc.). If the contributor is not affiliated in any way with the university, they are asked to briefly describe their connection with Todd or the Doxey family in an attempt to assist the athletics department's oversight of the fund. Any other efforts, regardless of the intentions, could result in negative NCAA consequences for the university.

It also is permissible for individuals to send flowers to the Doxey family. Flowers may be sent to The Rock Church, 2277 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92106. Information in regards to suggested florists may be obtained by contacting the church at (619) 226-7625.

Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Monday at The Rock Church in San Diego.

For further questions, please contact Senior Associate Athletics Director Gary Gray or Executive Assistant Athletics Director Bill Clever in the athletics department's compliance office at (541) 346-4481 or

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