Some Couch Potato

Blake Cantu is a little misleading when talking about his conditioning. When asked about how summer workouts were going, Cantu smiled and said it was good to work and stop being a couch potato. However, one glimpse at his 6-foot-1, 190 pound frame and there is little doubt he's in great shape.

Blake Cantu is a freshman at the University of Oregon and is just about ready to start fall camp for the Ducks on August 4th. Cantu, was a 3-star receiver out of Carroll HS in Southlake, Texas. Cantu took advantage of the NCAA rule that permits incoming freshman to enroll for summer session, so he has been living in Eugene since early June.

The summer session allows new players to gradually get involved in the football program as well as become accustomed to college life. During the weekdays, most of the Ducks have been involved in a voluntary summer workout regime headed by Oregon Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Radcliffe. The sessions are conducted Monday through Friday and Radcliffe runs the athletes non-stop for 90 minutes. Of course there is also the weight room, which can add another couple of hours to one's daily schedule.

Before the NCAA changed its rule, incoming athlete's first taste of the team and college life was when they reported in for fall camp at the start of August. Was this a good thing for Cantu and was the experience everything he thought it would be?

"Yes and more," said Cantu of the workouts. "The guys have taken us in. You just feel part of the team already. It's great."

A few weeks ago, eDuck Sports was in Eugene watching a workout session and noticed that Cantu had an ice bag on his shoulder. We asked Cantu how his shoulder is and he said things are fine.

"Shoulder is doing good," responded Cantu to the question of his health. "I'm working with Coach Rad (Radcliffe), strengthening it and getting it back where it needs to be."

The Ducks will have the week of July 28th off and that's all right with Cantu as it will give him a chance to rest up and get ready for fall camp.

"It's good to have a little break to let your body rest up because I've heard it's pretty brutal," admitted Cantu. "So you want to be nice and rested."

We're pretty sure that Cantu will be ready go for fall camp and seriously doubt he'll much of a couch potato during his week off.

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