Off to a Lake

Tight end Ed Dickson is a confident guy who knows his actions speak volumes on the playing field. Standing 6-5 and weighing 240 pounds, he is smaller than many tight ends, but he runs a whole lot faster than most. He was the Ducks' second leading receiver last year and will be a featured part of an explosive offense in 2008. So what is he doing the week before fall camp? Fishing of course!

Junior Edward Dickson caught 43 passes last year for 453 yards and three touchdowns. He started in all 13 games, which was a significant jump from his freshman year when he only caught four passes for 45 yards. Of course while he played in all 13 games in 2006, he actually saw most of his time as a defensive end.

Dickson is arguably the most versatile athlete on the Ducks roster, but it is pretty apparent now that he is going to stay on offense and likely be a major factor in what the Ducks do next season. Dickson has worked on his speed and is able to shift into another gear after catching the ball. During a 7-on-7 drill this week, Dickson caught a long pass over his left shoulder from Nate Costa, accelerated and ran away from defenders. His height and speed make him a valuable asset for the Ducks. Looking ahead at the upcoming season, Dickson believes that his offensive coordinator will have some things planned to take advantage of Dickson's skills.

"Chip Kelly is a mastermind," says Dickson. "He's going to get you the ball. If you can do good with the ball, he's going to get it to you."

While it might be a ways off, Dickson can see himself playing at the next level in a slot position. He's big enough to put a body on a linebacker if necessary plus he has the speed to do damage after he's caught the ball.

The Ducks conclude the summer voluntary workouts on Friday and will have a week off before starting fall camp on August 4th. What are Dickson's plans for his time off? He plans to go to a lake, kick back and maybe even do some fishing.

That sounds like a good idea because when the Ducks get back to work, Dickson will be an integral part of the package and is going to be very busy through out the season.

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