Defense Says, "All Day!"

"All Day! All Day!," came the words from many defensive backs during Monday evening's version of daily doubles. The defense dominated a sluggish and sloppy offense and in result got the offensive coaches very hot.

"Offense, that was terrible," yelled Chip Kelly as the team ran to the usual team meeting at the end of practice off in the distance.

The day started off with a quick 11-on-11 session where the units on offense and defense against matched up for six plays starting if on a real field near the offense's goal line. Nate Costa as usual was running the first unit and in the quick series he didn't complete either one of his two throws. LaGarrette Blount however did show his agility and brute force as he picked up around 18 yards on three carries. Costa added a nice 10-yard run that showed his surgically repaired knee to be in good condition.

When the second units came in Darron Thomas entered the drill as the number two QB. The offense quickly sputtered to no positive plays due to great pressure from the outside via blitzing linebackers and ball hawking defensive ends. Sophomore Kenny Rowe pressured Thomas almost every play. Had the defense been allowed to hit the quarterbacks it would be a safe bet to say Rowe would have ended up with a few sacks. Dropped balls were the flavor of the day for the Wide outs and in particular the second unit.

During 7-on-7 drills Costa continues to show why he is listed atop the QB depth chart time and time again. He hit Ed Dickson for a pretty 15-yard corner route where Costa had to put the ball high enough to get over a blanketing corner but still low enough to allow Dickson to get it without exposing his imposing body for a big hit. Costa continued to show his good accuracy as he hit a striding junior Ellis Krout down the sideline for about a 35-yard go route that showed great speed from Krout. When Sophomore Justin Roper took over during 7-on-7 he was very inconsistent. High balls mixed with short throws resulted in tough plays for the wide outs to snag and allowed the defense to gamble. Senior Patrick Chung took advantage of the wild passes and made numerous breakups and laid the lumber a few times when he couldn't get his hands on the ball. Even during 7-on-7s when the Defense was dominating as Chung made it a point to punish the teammates if they made a mistake. Chung led the group doing push-ups and sit-ups when the offense made a great play, which by the way was far and few between tonight.

Notes: There seemed to be a number of players held out for various reasons today. Tonio Celotto was still out and Ra'Shon Harris also was out for precautionary reasons. Dewitt Stuckey practiced in a brown jersey but did partake in most drills. Chris Harper continued to sit out passing drills and only took part in drills in which he did run. Harper did show his value running the ball in one 11-on-11 play where the defense clearly knew it was a run yet Harper glided threw the defense for a big gain.

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