Afternoon notes (8-13-08)

Practice continues with the following noted for the second practice session of the day.

* Nick Aliotti really brought the heat today. Really intense during drills and pushing players. Don't know how many times he got into a player for making a mistake or asking what the player saw on that play. He is really pushing this defense to be lights out every play during every drill.

* Nathan Costa started practice very hot and cold. Seemed to make a great throw and follow it up with a ball to high or too low. Did finish the practice with a very good 11-on-11 session where he showed poise in the pocket and handled Mike Bellotti's noise booming from the speakers.

* Darron Thomas, one of the Freshman QBs, struggled for his first time with the noise pumped up. He struggled getting the ball out before getting sacked multiple times. Also seemed a tad timid on when he should throw the ball, which forced him to scramble.

* Chris Harper still appears to be feeling the effects of his shoulder injury as he struggles to make the deep throws. However, even with the problems from his shoulder he is destroying the defense with his legs. Time and time again he is slipping past defenders and then bulldozing over small defensive backs. Harper would look real dangerous as Running Back right now so what ever is keeping him at QB in the coaches eyes must be pretty big.

* Jamere Holland looks to be officially healthy when it comes to his knee. Great speed and route running, but more importantly he has great agility. Made a few cuts after two different catches where he jukes out of a tackle and turned on the jets for a big gain.

* Walter Thurmond III is possibly one of the greatest corners to come out of Oregon in my opinion. Reminds me a lot of Rashad Bauman but taller. Made great plays all over the field today especially when he covered Jaison Williams.

* Jaison Williams dropped a few ball today and had a fumble but that's not making me get down on him, yet. He is going up against one of the best lock down corners in the nation in Thurmond and I think its more Thurmond is just that good than Williams dropping a routine ball. Williams did make some tough catches and also lowered his shoulder over a few players.

* Nick Reed and Kenny Rowe are monsters on the defensive line for passing situations. They could be the fastest two DE's in the Pac-10. Our offensive line is considered to be one of the best in the Pac-10 and they struggle with their speed. If Rowe can improve on his run defense the Ducks will have a very good one in Rowe. Reed seems a tad quicker after seeing him a few more times.

* Javes Lewis is quickly making a name for himself and very silently at that. Time and time again I am seeing him with the first team and being in the right position and making plays.

* Andiel Brown who was a walk-on RB last year was at practice helping out with the RB drills.

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