Blount Ready to Go

Even though he's not entirely familiar with former Husky great Corey Dillon, Oregon running back LaGarrette Blount considers it an honor to be compared to the former NFL great.

"I haven't really watched Corey Dillon run too much," admitted LaGarrette Blount. "But if he's in the NFL then I don't mind the compliment."

Even though Dillon was a star for one year at Washington way back in 1996, Blount was just nine years old so he can be forgiven not knowing a lot about Dillon bruising style. The last time the Ducks saw Dillon in a Husky uniform in '96 he led the way to a Washington victory, 33-14.

Those that have seen both run though have made favorable comparisons between the straight forward, punishing running style that made Dillon the terror of the Pac-10 and later a star in the National Football League. Blount is also a back that can turn a small opening into a big gain. He possesses very good speed and balance.

Like Jonathan Stewart, the former Duck, now with the Carolina Panthers, who ran for 251 yards against the Huskies last year at Husky Stadium in a 55-34 Oregon win, Blount can blast through tackles and use his speed to break away. Last year, the Ducks rushing attack amassed 465 yards against Washington.

Blount has been at Oregon since the start of spring term and was available for the spring workouts in April. He's a hard worker in practice, and he admits there have been some minor mistakes made but nothing big enough that can't be corrected. How does he rate his overall performance so far in camp?

"Successful," responded Blount to the question. "I've been learning everything and picking up everything pretty good.

"The offense is speeding up more than it was this spring," observed Blount. "I have to think a lot faster and a lot more."

Last Saturday Blount was the leading rusher in a scrimmage held at Autzen Stadium. He scored twice in the redzone drills rushing the ball. However, all this is just practice and Blount is ready for the real deal.

"I'm ready," remarked Blount about the start of the 2008 season. "I've been ready since spring, I just want to play."

When the game is played on August 30th, many Duck fans will be reminded of Dillon too, but this time in a much more positive way.

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