Coach Bellotti answers media questions

Oregon's Mike Bellotti answered media questions just prior to the start of practice on Friday afternoon.

The Oregon Ducks are close to finishing the third week of Fall Camp '08 and will start game preparation week next Monday for the upcoming contest against Washington.

Mike Bellotti indicated that he would be watching the weakside linebacker, the first substitute at defensive tackle, the fourth receiver, the right tackle, the left guard, the back up punt returner, back up kick off returners and who will be the long snapper at practice today.

Bellotti was asked about the health of Nate Costa.

"He's feeling much better," said Bellotti of Costa's condition. "It didn't swell as much so it is good."

The Oregon headman went on to say the orthopedic surgeon, Rudy Holbrick is not back from a trip. Bellotti speculated that the doctor "would want to do an evaluation" on Costa's condition.

Coach Bellotti did say that he thought his team learned a lesson from last year and players down the the roster depth must keep playing hard as opportunities would arise.

"Opportunity is always there," observed Bellotti of potential playing time. "It's a shame that it comes about due to injury but we're aware of that and we're aware that somebody has to pick up the shield and go forward."

Tentatively, the quarterback depth chart now will read Justin Roper, Jeremiah Masoli, Chris Harper and Darron Thomas.

Bellotti indicated that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday practice sessions will now permanently be closed to public and media. Monday and Tuesday practices will remain open.

The coach cited the proliferation of information sharing via cell phones and camera phones that the program doesn't know who is saying what to whom. When asked what is to prevent invited guests to practices from leaking information Bellotti hoped loyal fans would not do such things.

"We trust that anyone we let inside is a Duck fan and if they understand what they wanted and are committed to us they won't do those things," said Bellotti of invited guest to practice.

The following daily injury report was handed out prior to practice:
OBSERVE: NO PRACTICE Wear UO Issued Clothing
Alonso, K. - left shoulder
Glasper, W. - left groin
Kaiser, C. - right hip, pelvis
Embry, G. - left groin
Thurmond, W. - right ankle
Boyett, J. - left knee
Kendall, J. - head
Chung, P. - head, left achilles
Holland, J. - head, left knee
Ward, N. - left knee
Costa, N. - left knee
Davis, D. - sick

NO CONTACT (yellow/brown jersey)
Crenshaw, A. - left achilles, right quad
Boyd, J. - left IT Band, ham, right toe
Johnson, J. - right hamstring, knee

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