Tupou ready to get back at it.

Would you like to be the man that will face Fenuki Tupou, 6-6, 325 on Saturday afternoon in Autzen Stadium when the 16th ranked Oregon Ducks face the Utah State Aggies? Tupou took some time yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon just before practice to answer some timid questions from media.

So Fenuki Tupou, how does it feel to be back in action (after your one-game suspension for illegal contact with a sports agent) against Utah State?

Feels great," responded Tupou about his return to line up and playing on Saturday. "Glad to let off some of my frustrations."

(Reporters quiver behind the cameras.)

Is there anything you would like to do accomplish this Saturday against the Aggies (that you didn't get to accomplish against arch-rival Washington last week because of the suspension)?

"Footwork issues."

(Giant collective gulp from jittery beat reporters behind the cameras)

Thanks Fenuki (for not killing us.)

Just kidding, here's what Fenuki really said:

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