Duck D Line Wants To Get After Painter

The talk this week about the Oregon-Purdue game has focused on the team speed Oregon has compared to the stable presence and strong arm of Purdue quarterback Curtis Painter. Unlike the quarterbacks the Ducks saw in Oregon's first two games, Painter isn't likely to take off and be another running back weapon. However, according to Duck defensive tackle Cole Linehan, Oregon needs to be prepared.

"He's a very talented quarterback, a much different animal than the first two guys we went against," observed Cole Linehan of Curtis Painter. "He doesn't run around but he does have a really strong arm and can get the ball down field really well."

Painter threw for 286 yards and two touchdowns in the Boilermaker's 44-10 win over Northern Colorado last week. Last season Painter's quarterback efficiency rating was 132.3 and threw for 3,846 yards and 29 touchdowns. He was picked off 11 times but had an impressive 62.6 completion percentage. Averaging 295.8 yards per game passing, Painter is a big time threat that the Ducks will need to figure out how to keep under control.

Throw in a talented running back in Kory Sheets and this game has the makings for a high scoring affair. Sheets ran for 81 yards last week and two touchdowns against North Colorado. Last year Sheets ran for 859 net yards and 11 touchdowns with a long run of 59 yards.

According to Linehan Oregon's plan is to stop the run then get after the quarterback. That's where the team speed is going to come into play. Linehan thinks the Ducks has some great talent of their own in the defensive secondary and the speed everyone is talking about is going to be an advantage.

"They (Purdue) throw the ball so much and we have one of the best defensive backs in the country, so that helps," admitted Linehan. "We need to put pressure on the quarterback and stop the run like we've done in the past couple of weeks."

So far this season Oregon is giving up 17 points a game but is holding opponents to 91 yards a game. Oregon is scoring 55 points a game so that means teams have to throw the ball a lot. Oregon is allowing 182.5 yards per game, but most of that is coming well after the outcome is in doubt.

Purdue likes to pass the ball a lot. The last game they passed the ball considerably more than they ran it. They have a good running back that runs around pretty well. We have a lot of team speed so I think that will help us in the long run.

Still though, for a defensive tackle, it is really about the guy Linehan is going to have to look at across the line of scrimmage. What are Linehan's thoughts on Purdue's offensive line?

"They have two or three returners from last year," said Linehan . "They work together well, so we're looking forward to it."

Kickoff for the game is at 12:30 p.m. (Pacific) and will be carried live for most of the country on ABC.

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