Lots of Hands and Feet Work

In the trenches things like size and quickness mean something. Oregon's defensive tackle Tonio Celotto looks at this up coming game with Boise State and has a mantra, "lots of hands and feet work." Celotto believes that it is going to take quickness on the part of the Duck defensive line to stop BSU's running attack.

"These guys are smaller," Celotto said of Boise State's line. "But a lot quicker."

According to Celotto the BSU line averages around 285 pounds and looking at the Bronco roster that looks to be about right. Only two players, senior guard Andrew Woodruff, 6-2, 320 and freshman offensive lineman Tom Swanson, 6-6, 300 are listed as being 300 pounds or more. However, when the Ducks looked at the film they saw something they need to remember: the Broncos are quick. The Broncos must also be pretty good because they are opening holes for Ian Johnson, the senior running back who was a First-Team All-WAC running back in 2006 and '07. He was also a 2006 First-Team SI.com and CBS Sportsline.com All-American.

Johnson, 6-0, 196 is second on the active career-rushing leader list nationally with 3,601 yards. He leads the country in career carries with 630 and is sixth in total yardage at 94.8 yards per game plus 5.72 (7th nationally) in career yards per carry average. Johnson has run for 48 touchdown in his four years at Boise State.

There's no doubts that Johnson is the best back the Ducks have faced this season and arguably will be the best Oregon will see all year. Of course that's not counting what they see in practice. Still though, Saturday is going to be a test in trying to contain Johnson right at the point of attack, at the line of scrimmage. In order to keep Johnson from having a big day it is going to be up to the defensive tackles to keep Boise State's line surge from going forward. To that, Celotto is confident about the outcome.

"We're going to stop it," said Celotto. "They aren't getting any yards, we're ready for this game."

Kickoff for the game is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. The game will be carried live on OSN television and radio.

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