Game Day: Do You Hear What I Hear?

Forget 4-0. Forget rankings. And Forget notoriety. This game goes much deeper, and respect is on the line.

I can't speak for the masses…but I will; I'm tired of Boise State.

I'm tired of the Statue of Liberty, "Chris Peterson is a genius," Ian Johnson's sideline proposal, and anything else involving the Boise State Broncos and cuddly terms such as Mid Major, BCS Buster, and Underdog. I'm tired of the Smurf Turf. I'm tired of WAC Championships meaning "something." And I'm tired of "we'd finish in the top third of the Pac-10" speak.

Enough is enough.

Sure BSU is a good program. Sure the Broncos have accomplished a lot in regards to their competition and relative size, but national title contenders they're not!

Did I miss something? When did Western Athletic Conference dominance equate to...anything? If your conference schedule offers you one competitor capable of matching you athletically, it's not a conference, but rather an exhibition season in preparation for the playoffs. Or in Boise State's case, an effort to vault you into the BCS conversation.

I know, I know, those lovable little Broncos defeated perennial powerhouse Oklahoma in that epic Fiesta Bowl game a couple years back. A game which has been lauded by many as one of, if not the greatest college football game ever! True they did win, and true it was an entertaining game, but a sign of Boise State's level of play it was not.

Play that game ten times and Oklahoma probably wins eight. Play that game with a quarterback opposed to a wide receiver turned quarterback and Oklahoma probably wins nine or ten. The stars aligned, the chips fell into place, and the ball bounced in the direction of the Boise State Broncos that fateful night in Arizona, and that's fine, but take if for what it was and for what Boise State is…a minor league player in a major league game. Ian Johnson is a nice back. Chris Peterson is a nice coach. And Boise State is a nice program, in a nice conference, in a nice city, but "nice" isn't good enough.

Do you really think they'd finish in the top half of the Pac-10 Conference?

Beating one Pac-10 team a year is different from playing and defeating five or more. It's easy to get up for one game, but when you have nine "big" games against nine equal to superior teams, attrition and familiarity will certainly get the best of you.

Boise State finished an average of 69th in Scout's recruiting database over the last five years, with an average rating of 1.93 stars per player. Both statistics would've placed them last amongst the ten teams in the conference, and not by a very close margin.

Do you still think they have the talent to compete in a BCS conference, whether it be the Pac-10, Big 12, SEC, or Big Ten…Okay, forget the latter, but any of the major conferences not including Ohio State? Please.

You're going to hear a lot of things today from Boise State fans. Some of which will be rational, most of which will not. Regardless, I offer the following as suggested responses to statements more than likely uttered in or around Autzen Stadium this afternoon. Feel free to write them down if need be:

· "Ian Johnson is first round talent in the upcoming NFL draft, but will more than likely be a steal in round two." He's listed at 6'0," 196 pounds, which means he's really 5'8," 185 and has a chronicled time of 4.58 in the forty yard dash. Yvensen Bernard ring a bell?

· "Boise State is a big-time-program in an underrated conference." You play on Blue Turf! I'm sorry, but "blue turf" and "big-time" are not synonymous.

· "Jared Zabransky is an NFL quarterback who's not been given an opportunity at the NFL level." Jared Zabransky is a mid-major safety with a terrible tattoo who's fifteen minutes of fame ended with an EA Sports cover shoot.

· "Chris Peterson was the brains behind Dan Hawkins' Boise State success and is worthy of an upper-echelon college job." True.

· "Boise State has had success against the Pac-10 and should be considered in any Pac-10 expansion talk." Hold the phone. The Broncos are 2-7 in their last nine games against the Pac-10 Conference dating back to 1998, 0-12 vs. BCS teams on the road, and 0-7 in Pac-10 stadiums. I'll take that as a no.

· "Bronco Stadium is where visiting teams go to die. Autzen has nothing on us." Actually, Autzen has nearly 30,000 seats on you. Bronco Stadium holds a whopping 30,000 people, while raucous I'm sure, ask Oregon State pre-expansion how ominous an atmosphere it created.

· "Kellen Moore, while a freshman, has been brilliant in his two starts this year and will be a thorn in the side of the Oregon Ducks." Home games against Bowling Green and Idaho State are the equivalent of a 3 on 3 nerf football game in a neighborhood cul de sac. They won't be playing two-hand-touch on Rich Brooks field this afternoon. Oregon needs to put a muzzle on Boise State and its obnoxious little cult following. It's time to end this Cinderella story, or at least push it to the back of the bus where it can commiserate with the rest of the has beens and/or never was'. I'm tired, it's old, and it's time to turn the page.

I think you hear me knockin', I think I'm coming in, and I'm bringing anybody but Boise State with me.

Enjoy the game.

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