Halftime BSU 24 Oregon 6

Oregon fell behind after scoring the first touchdown against Boise State. After committing two turnovers and suffering poor field position do to a bad punt, the Ducks went into halftime trailing 24-6.

The Oregon Ducks started the scoring with an 80-yard scoring drive, with 68 of those yards on the ground capped off with a 16-yard touchdown run by LeGarrette Blount. The subsequent 2-point conversion was no good.

Mistakes by the Ducks though led to Boise State scoring 24 straight points. The series after BSU kicked a field goal to make it 6-3 the Ducks stalled and were forced to punt. A 3-yard punt by Josh Syria placed the ball on its own 26-yard line. BSU scored in three plays to give them a 10-6 lead after the PAT.

With Jeremiah Masoli going back to the lockerroom because of illness, the Ducks were forced to stay on the ground. While picking up yardage Jeremiah Johnson made another critical mistake by fumbling at the BSU 39. Boise State marched back downfield and Ian Johnson ran the ball 6 yards into the endzone capping off a 3-play drive.

Oregon's defense could not keep the Broncos at bay as BSU went 72 yards in nine plays and scored with 1:53 left in the half.

Oregon 194 yards rushing but only 27 passing. Boise State however has 2 yards net rushing and 206 yards passing.

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