Practice Notes for Monday

Coach Mike Bellotti mentioned today that the team would use the upcoming bye week as an opportunity for "rest and recovery, but not to the point of losing their competitive edge." Bellotti said that today's practice would be used to "break a sweat" and that practices later in the week would increase a bit in intensity with the team being in shells and having limited contact starting on Tuesday.

Here are some of the notable quotes from Bellotti prior to today's session:

On Jeremiah Masoli's physical status after carrying the ball 24 times on Saturday:

"He feels good! He's out here running around today. He's sore, but it's a good kind of sore."

On whether or not Chris Harper's move to wide receiver would be permanent:

"It's to be determined. Really, we'll just have to see how this year goes and how the, I won't say experiment, but just the move to wide receiver goes. We talked when we brought him in that he could play quarterback if he could develop and improve his throwing motion and accuracy, but if not, he can could certainly help us at other positions. I think still I'd like to get some input from him and from our offensive coaching that is still to be determined."

On Justin Roper's state of mind after not seeing playing time vs. UCLA

"He was actually the first guy to congratulate me after the game. He's aware [of the quarterback situation]. He's a very good quarterback. He's not the same kind of quarterback that Jeremiah [Masoli] is and in that game, based on what UCLA was doing, it would not have been a successful game for him, but certainly he could have helped us and he will. He's also aware that getting one more week on that leg, he should be, I won't say 100%, but certainly in the upper 90 percentile in his ability to utilize his leg and his speed."

Bellotti also mentioned that there could be a scrimmage on Thursday for some of the younger players, but that would be determined a little later in the week depending on how everyone was feeling.

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