Alumni Association Blood Drive a Success

The Civil War may not have been a great success for the Ducks on the football field, but a contest that saw everyone win was the Civil War Blood Drive. All total, 4,872 blood donations were collected from Nov 4-20 - and, because one unit of blood can save as many as three lives, 14,616 lives could potentially be saved over the holiday season due to the collective donations of both UO and OSU fans.

According to Oregon Alumni Association Blood Drive coordinator Anthony Seminary, "We claimed the first annual statewide Civil War Blood Drive title for the competition based on goals achieved.

"However, Oregon State's on-campus blood drive helped place the Beavers in the lead for total statewide donations. OSU collected 926 pints on campus for a total of 2,720 donations total statewide and UO collected 151 pints on campus for a total of 2,152 donations statewide."

Well done, Duck fans (and Beaver fans too!)

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