Game Day: Prelude To A Diss

A week from a potentially colossal Civil War, are you a Beaver Fan today...and if not, should you be?

Are you rooting for Oregon State this weekend? Duck fans have been asked to take a side on said topic this week, seemingly from every media outlet in and around the state of Oregon. While a simple question, its answer is a tad complicated. On one hand, you have Duck fanatic whose second favorite team is anyone the Beavers are playing, who'd reap nearly equal rewards from an OSU loss as they would an Oregon victory, and wakes frequently in a cold sweat at the thought of the Beavers in the Rose Bowl. On the other, lies he/she whose adoration for Oregon is equal to that of their brethren, yet falls short of hatred when describing their feelings for their upstate rival and would relish an opportunity to thieve such a jewel from the hands of the "Beaver Believers."

Where do you stand?

Without an Oregon contest today, will you have an eye to the south? And if so, will you be rooting for an abrupt end to the "Bark-rats'" fairy tale, or are you willing to roll the dice on a Civil War defeat, knowing that the only thing standing between them and their dream is an underdog Duck squad in a hostile environment?

Sure, as an Oregon fan you'd love nothing more than to deal the fatal blow to a nearly forty-four year dream. You'd relish an opportunity to render the thousands of roses – which undoubtedly will be present for next week's game – worthless. You'd cherish a victorious walk from the stadium; a walk which's silence would speak volumes and leave Beaver Nation gasping for the air rushing from their just-burst-bubble.

But are you scared? Scared to think what an Oregon loss would mean. Knowing those roses would be out and the aforementioned walk would be far less enjoyable.

For those hoping for that bubble-bursting-defeat, let us not forget that Oregon State is a pretty good football team. A team which has defied preseason prognostications, overcome the loss of its entire front seven defensively, and ridden the backs of an unheralded quarterback, make-shift offensive line, and two extremely undersized brothers whose contributions have been arguably unmatched by those within the Pac-10 conference. They're well-coached, play hard, and have turned the "Frozen Mexican Entre´" into a legitimate home-field-advantage.

So, while "scared" may be a stretch, aware and potentially nervous would be far from out-of-line.

I know, "though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thou shall fear no rodent with predominant front teeth." True, but you may fear the gold at the end of their rainbow.

Do you want to be the one left standing when the music stops in Reser next week, watching and wincing as Beaver Nation parties like it's 1999? Or would you rather the suspense end early, leaving the Civil War to…well, the Civil War, a game with bragging rights and mediocre bowl allocation at stake?

Alright, maybe I should be more optimistic about Oregon's hopes next week and their chances of spoiling what OSU feels is rightfully theirs, after-all, the offense seems to be coming around, the defense – while porous all too frequently – will have had two weeks to prepare, and the Ducks are arguably due based on consecutive heartbreaking defeats in the last two interstate rivalries, but I'm weary. Weary of the aforementioned defense being exploited, weary of a young Jeremiah Masoli against a high-pressure Oregon State defense, and weary of what could be, come 7:30 PM next Saturday night.

Are you rooting for Oregon State tonight?

I think you know where I stand.

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