Tschirgi talks about his trip.

Josh Tschirgi visited Oregon last weekend and updated us on how his trip went. "My Oregon visit was awesome!" he told Dawgman.com. " I flew down there on a private jet with (Stephone) Robinson from Colorado and Victor Felipe, the DL. We had a good time. I got there and we went to practice and got introduced to the team. Coach Bellotti then took us down to the stadium where we were introduced over the loud speaker.

"Then we went out to dinner. It was grub. We woke up the next day, had breakfast with tutors, and had lunch in the players lounge. The players lounge is sweet, has pool, table hockey, a bunch of nintendo games, and a huge TV. We watched the Oregon vs. Kansas hoops game on TV, and had pizza, ribs, potatoes, the whole 9 yards.

"Then we went out to dinner and had a good time above the stadium in the box. There they showed us the home green ducks jerseys that we will be wearing next year. Seeing 68 and the my name on the back of the uniform was the greatest part about the trip.

"The next morning we went to breakfast at Coach Bellotti's house. I talked with Coach Bellotti extensively and we talked about my future at Oregon.

"All and all it was some of the best fun of my life. The players were great. It was fun hanging out with the offensive linemen at night, Nick Steitz, Adam Snyder, Ian Renoyso, (Mike) De La Grange. They are all good guys. My high school coach, coach Hellyer told me a long time ago that O-Linemen have the greatest personalities on the team.

"After hanging out with these guys for a weekend, I now know why. Having dinner with Keenan Howry, and having a lunch and watching the game with Onterrio Smith was great too, I have to admit.

"I am still a solid verbal with Oregon, and no offer in the nation could change my mind."

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