Civil War Win Most Satisfying

Mike Bellotti was very pleased with the outcome of the 112th Civil War and is willing to say it was the most gratifying win he's enjoyed in the series. Bellotti responded to questions from media on Sunday night and indicated that this week the coaches are out recruiting with practice resuming toward the end of the week. While it isn't official yet the question of the Holiday Bowl was brought up.

The win yesterday was one that Bellotti will long treasure and the most satisfying aspect of the win was how the players stepped up to make plays.

Bellotti believes it was not the system or the schemes that made the difference, but the individual players believing they would make a difference. Citing examples such as Jeremiah Johnson's long touchdown run, Terence Scott breaking a tackle for a long touchdown and Jeremiah Masoli keeping his eyes down field to spot Edward Dickson for a long touchdown pass.

Bellotti also mentioned Willie Glasper tracking down Sammie Stoughter, Walter Thurmond III and Spencer Paysinger making interceptions for scores.

"It is certainly the most satisfying Civil War for me personally," said Bellotti of yesterday's win over Oregon State. "Although the one two years ago in Autzen Stadium, the Fog Bowl, that was pretty good."

As far as the Civil War went about the only negatives were penalties, some third down defense and special teams kick and punt coverage.

On the Holiday Bowl Bellotti indicated he hasn't heard anything official. He doesn't believe he will until USC plays UCLA to determine the final outcome of the Pac-10 race.

The health of the team is good despite some normal bumps and bruises. Sonny Harris and C.E. Kaiser had slight ankle sprains but both should be ready when practices resumes at the end of the week.

The coaches have already hit the road for recruiting duty. Bellotti indicated he would leave tomorrow for a recruiting trip. When practice does resume the Ducks will have between 10 and 15 practice sessions to prepare for the Bowl game. That is like another spring or fall camp.

Considering Oregon came into the Civil War off a bye week that bodes well for its chances in a bowl game. Bellotti is now 15-3 coming off a bye week.

Bellotti had special praise for the Jeremiahs - Johnson and Masoli. The coach thought Johnson's performance this year was special and that Masoli has exceeded the expectations the coaches had on him. Bellotti reminded the reporters on the conference call that Masoli started the year off as Oregon's fifth string quarterback and was not released to practice until the week proceeding the first game of the year against Washington.

Bellotti said that to his knowledge, no interviews have been set up between Chip Kelly and Syracuse.

"I think Chip is in a really great situation here, one in which he is comfortable," said Bellotti of his offensive coordinator's job situation. "I don't foresee him leaving anytime soon, but I understand there is legitimate interest. I think the University (Oregon) has stepped up to make his situation difficult to walk away from."

Bellotti would not elaborate on what Oregon has done to keep Kelly, the head coach indicated that the contract Kelly got last year is "really a good deal and ongoing." Bellotti characterized the contract as "extremely competitive or ahead of the curve."

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