Hoover Star Nearly Committed

Safety/cornerback Brian Jackson and his parents traveled across the country this weekend to visit Eugene, Oregon and the University of Oregon. Jackson went away totally impressed with what the Ducks have to offer.

"It went great," said Jackson of his trip to Oregon. "I loved everything about it."

Did he commit?

"I didn't commit," admitted Jackson. "But I was really close to it, I will say that."

Jackson said that in his meeting with Coach Mike Bellotti, the Duck headman suggested to Jackson and his family considering the distance from home to Eugene is so far to go back home and strongly consider all the positives and negatives about coming to Oregon and make a family decision. Jackson said that he and his parents actually arrived in Eugene a little earlier than the rest of the recruits so that gave them an opportunity to tour the campus and give Brian a chance to hangout with the Duck players.

"I felt like I was one of them already," Jackson said of his time with the players. "I was just having fun the whole time I was there."

He also said he and his folks were absolutely "blown away" and that "someplace like Oregon would have the things they do."

Next week Jackson is headed to Central Florida for a visit and then to Alabama-Birmingham.

The Ducks are recruiting him as a safety or cornerback. Presently he benches 315, power cleans 305 and squats 405. Talmadge Jackson III was his official host. Brian Jackson said he also had a chance to spend some good time with Defensive Backs Coach John Neal on his visit.

Jackson wasn't sure if anyone else committed but thought most were very close to it.

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