The recently released "Ducks Top 10" contains over 100 of Oregon's greatest plays and memorable moments from it's outstanding players. Producer, Jerry Thompson spent countless hours pouring over film and video footage from the past 70 years and selected 10 top plays in 10 categories.

Offense: The best passes, catches, runs, kickoff returns and game winning plays.

Defense: Greatest hits, sacks, interceptions, punt returns, and

Games Savers. Can you guess you won the greatest game saver?

Hear how he tells what he was thinking prior to the play. Duck and NFL great Chris Miller and Anthony Newman chose the top play in each category with Chris having the veto for offense and Anthony for defense.

Narrated by Jerry Allen, this one hour production is a must for any Duck fan as it contains such greats as Van Brocklin, Shaw, James, Renfro, Berry, Bobby Moore, Fouts, Miller, Musgrave, Oldham, O'Neil, Cota, Wheaton, Akili, Mallard (what a hit!) and Joey and many more. You can still get in time to celebrate the "exorcising" of the Demon Deacons and put it on your New Year's Day football viewing.

Only $19.95 includes shipping and handling. To order call Toll Free: 1-877-988-3215.

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