Suspension Due to Missed Workouts Not Class

Whenever we hear about a player getting suspended without being given a reason, most of us jump to conclusions. Usually, it is the worst of conclusions.

(Courtesy of bleacher report)

It is easy to say a student athlete is having academic problems—saying that the reason for a suspension was that they weren't making the grade in the classroom. With no proof, that is what many assumed about LeGarrette Blount.

Missing workouts, not academics, was the reason Blount was suspended. According to reports, Blount arrived late to Eugene for the winter quarter at the University of Oregon. Due to his late arrival, he missed some workouts.

After all of this, he reportedly fell ill. I know, I for one, don't feel like working out when I am just coming down with something, let alone actually being sick.

Blount has gone on record to say that he understands and accepts the suspension. He also says that the accusations that he was academically in trouble don't bother him.

Even if you say it doesn't bother you, Mr. Blount, I think all the people that listened to the rumors and accepted them without question owe you an apology.

Let's let this be a lesson. Maybe we should bite our tongues until we actually know something is a little more certain, rather than just letting rumors fly unchecked.

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