Brunetti Is Big On Oregon

Barry Brunetti, the dynamic dual-threat quarterback from Memphis University School in Memphis, Tennessee, is undoubtedly a name to track through the upcoming football season. Though he currently holds few offers, attention is almost certain to heat up and the Ducks, according to Brunetti, are unquestionably an early favorite.

Have you had any contact with Oregon?

"I called coach D.P. (Don Pellum) twice and didn't get an answer, so I'm going to call again sometime this week and find a way to stay in contact with him."

What would you say your overall interest in Oregon is at this point?

"[It's] very strong. I've been liking Oregon since my recruitment started. The first school I wanted to talk to was Oregon. That offense, I mean, with them and Florida and all them. My first letter was from Oregon, as a matter of fact. The first letter I ever got was from Oregon."

What would you say has you most interested in Oregon?

"My biggest interest is the offense and the beautiful campus they have up there. It's a football town and the coach they have, Coach Kelly, they just have great people there. They way they talk on TV, it sounds like Eugene is the best place to be."

Would that mean that if Oregon were to offer you an official visit, you would consider taking it?

"Oh, yes sir. If they offer me an official visit, I'll take it."

If Oregon were to offer you, where would they stand?

"If they were to offer me now, they would stand in my top five."

How would you describe yourself as a quarterback?

"I have a very strong arm. I'm a pass first [quarterback], but when I run, it's hard to take me down in the open field. I have great feet out of the pocket."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"A lot of people like to compare me to Troy Smith on the way I play...kind of like -- not his throwing motion -- [but his mechanics] with his elbow out and feet and everything. [I feel] I kind of run like that [quarterback] from Baylor, Robert Griffin."

What would you say you're looking for in a program?

"Mostly, just family. Having a family, knowing that Oregon is kind of far, but that's not going to be a factor in my decision just know that if I come, it feels like a family when I get there. [I want to] feel comfortable around everybody -- players, coaches, people that go to the school -- everything. "

Have you received any offers from other schools?

"Yeah, I have offers from Duke and Memphis. The Memphis one is verbal and the Duke [offer] is written."

Are there other schools that you are looking to hear from?

"The three schools I'd like to hear from are Oregon, Ohio State, and Florida."

Are you planning on going to any camps this summer?

"I haven't picked any college camps yet, but I'm going to be attending the Elite 11 [qualifier], the Nike Training Camp, and the Friday Night Lights camp in Gainesville, Florida."

Are you planning on going to any Junior Days?

"I was going to attend Alabama's [February 21], but I won't be able to attend because I have a basketball game. I've been to Memphis' Junior Day and I'll go to Tennessee's on [February] 28th and maybe Auburn's in March."

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