Answers to last week's football quiz

OK folks, it has been about five days since my posting of my Oregon Ducks quiz. If you haven't read it, here it is.

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For those of you who did take it and want to know how you did, I now give you the answers. For those that didn't take it and are just reading this, well, I guess this can be a little bit of an Oregon football history lesson.

1. What current SEC head coach is the field at Autzen Stadium named for? What rival did he play for?

The field is named for Rich Brooks, currently the head coach of Kentucky. He played college football at Oregon State University as a defensive back.

2. Prior to Autzen Stadium, where did Oregon play their home football games?

Oregon played football at Hayward Field from 1919-1967. Now, Hayward Field is best known as a track facility and recently hosted the 2008 Olympic trials and will host the 2012 trials.

3. Oregon has been a part of a few conferences as well as a stint as an independent. Name the conferences.

The conferences that Oregon has been a part of are the Pacific Coast Conference and the Athletic Association of Western Universities, which was the precursor to the Pacific 8, which turned into the current Pacific 10.

4. Considered one of the turning points for Oregon football was the Kenny Wheaton interception of Damon Huard that he returned 97 yards for a touchdown. What is the simple name of this play that brings a smile to every Duck's face?

One of the most famous plays in Oregon football history is simply known as "The Pick." If you don't know it, YouTube it; try Kenny Wheaton in the search field.

5. Who was Oregon's first former player named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Norm Van Brocklin was drafted in the fourth round by the Los Angeles Rams in 1949. He had one year of eligibility left. He was inDUCKted in 1971. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

6. Speaking of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Oregon has six former players in there. This is more than which two traditional powers: Oklahoma, Ohio State, USC, Texas, Alabama, Michigan, or Notre Dame?

Oregon is in a five-way tie for fifth on having the most Pro Football Hall of Fame members at six. This ranks higher than Oklahoma (3) and Texas (4).

7. Oregon students used to bring a live duck to games. The name of this Duck was _________.

Puddles first started making appearances at football and basketball games around the 1920s and 1930s. Donald was introduced in the 1940s.

8. What was the nickname for Oregon before it became the Ducks?

The first nickname was the Webfoots. There are a number of stories as to how this came about, such as since Oregon is so wet the natives have webbed feet. Another explanation has to do with fishermen. Your guess is as good as mine as to the truth behind any of it.

9. Not as famous as such trophies as the Golden Egg Trophy or the Jeweled Shillelagh, the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State has a trophy as well. It disappeared for a while but is back again. Name the trophy.

The Civil War between the schools is played for the Platypus Trophy. The platypus is an animal that looks like a cross between a duck and beaver, so it is a natural choice for the two schools. Unlike other trophies the Platypus is not going to be seen on the field. Instead it is awarded to the winning team's alumni association.

10. The Civil War has been played 112 times. Believe it or not, the Civil War ranks in the top 10 of the oldest rivalry games in college football. Where is its standing?

It was first played in 1894. It ranks as the seventh oldest rivalry.

11. What not so great distinction does the 1983 Civil War hold?

This game was the last 0-0 tie in NCAA Division I history. Also known as the Toilet Bowl, the game was played in a downpour of rain and hail. This was not a defensive battle as some low scoring games have been called. Both teams were just that bad. Oregon finished the season 4-6-1 and Oregon State was 2-8-1.

12. The first game played at Autzen Stadium was in 1967. Oregon lost. Who did they lose to?

In the first game played in Autzen Stadium, Oregon lost to the Colorado Buffaloes.

13. Can you name Oregon's first 1,000-yard rusher? The Duck with the "Inside Stuff."

In 1971 Bobby Moore AKA Ahmad Rashad ran for 1,211 yards, averaging 4.9 yards per carry. I will be honest here and tell you that my stats as far as I could find them only went back to 1945. If Oregon had a 1,000-yard rusher before this, I apologize.

14. Where did Coach Mike Bellotti play and begin his coaching career?

Mike Bellotti played at UC Davis as a tight end and wide receiver. The same year he graduated, 1973, he became an assistant coach at UC Davis as well.

15. Where will Oregon start next season? Not ranked? Top 25? Top 15? Top 10?

Obviously there is no right answer; I was just wondering what people think. I say top 10 at best, more likely top 15 though.

I hope you enjoyed my Oregon Ducks Football Quiz.

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