For Whom Will Bell Toll?

Of all the quarterback prospects in the class of 2010, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School's, Blake Bell, of Wichita, Kansas, just may be the nation's best. Widely believed to be of particular interest to the Oregon coaching staff in 2010, Bell sat down with eDuck Sports to talk recruiting and his overall intrigue in the Ducks.

Have you received an official offer from Oregon?

"Yeah, I have."

Which coach from Oregon offered you?

"Coach (Chip) Kelly...he [offered] in person and then I got it in the mail."

When Coach Kelly extended that offer to you, what did he say?

"We just kind of talked and then offered me and then he said [he'd like to] get me down there and check it out and things like that. It was kind of a short conversation and I said I'd call him back later on and we could kind of talk about everything and see if we could get down there (Oregon)...we just kind of talked about how they'd run their offense and stuff like that."

Are you planning on taking an unofficial visit or attending a Junior Day at Oregon?

"We still haven't decided that, we might, we might not, we're still not sure. We're still thinking about it."

What is your overall interest in Oregon at this point?

"I'd probably say medium. Right now everything's even, I'd probably give every school a medium [rating] just because I'm still looking in to every school and [giving] everybody a shot."

Is there something about Oregon that has you most interested?

"You definitely have to bring out the gear, they've got the best gear...that''ll definitely bring in recruits and stuff like that because you got all that Nike stuff. Chris Harper brings a lot of gear back and they're just always looking good. He (Harper) says it's nice down there too."

How would you describe yourself as a quarterback?

"I definitely like to sling it around. I like to run too a little bit. They have me on Rivals as a dual-threat, but I'd kind of say I'm more of a pocket passer."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"That's kind of tough. Anyone who can get into the spread a little bit and likes to sling it around, you know, [and] is not too much of a runner."

What are you looking for in a program?

"Probably just the people around me, coaching staff, the coach. Not necessarily the head coach, but my position coach and getting to know them and seeing how they coach and stuff like that. So I'd probably just say the people around me and the coaching staff."

What offers from other schools do you currently hold?

"Georgia, Notre Dame, UCLA, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Missouri, Clemson, Maryland, West Virginia...I think I sit at about 21 [offers], but that's a lot of them right there."

With Oregon offering, where do they stand among those other teams? Do you have a top three or top five at this point?

"No, I don't. I'm going to take a lot of visits this spring and I have a lot of them already penciled in, but yeah, we're going to see if we can't fit Oregon in there...I'll be busy this spring on taking visits and checking things out."

What visits do you have already lined up this spring?

"Texas A&M, I'm going to their Junior Day. Then Oklahoma, Missouri...we might come back and hit Iowa and Iowa State, try to get to LSU, Notre Dame -- going to the Elite 11 [regional qualifier] -- we're going to Georgia and Clemson and going to Nebraska's Junior'll be pretty busy."

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