Turner "Excited" About Oregon Program

Las Vegas powerhouse, Bishop Gorman High School, is known for producing quality Division I/FBS talent on an annual basis. This year is no different, as there are at least three players from the school who are garnering serious offers from some of the nation's top programs. Alex Turner is one of those athletes. Alex sat down with eDuck to talk recruiting and his interest in the Ducks.

Do you currently hold an offer from Oregon?

"I have a verbal offer. I haven't got it in the mail, [but] I came down to one of [Oregon's] games and they verbally offered me, but I haven't got it in the mail yet."

Do you recall the coach who verbally offered you?

"It was Coach (Michael) Gray, but he's not there now, so Coach (John) Neal [is my contact]."

How often are you in contact with Coach Neal?

"He sends me a lot of letters, I haven't really been able to talk to him on the phone lately...[we talked] through e-mail not too long ago, probably like last month."

How often do you receive letters from Oregon?

"Definitely every week."

What would you say your overall interest in Oregon is right now?

"I would say really high. I really like Oregon. I like their program, I like their coaches, and I'd be really excited to meet their new coaches. I just really like what they've got going on down there."

Is there a handful of things that stand out to you when you think of Oregon?

"Their coaching staff and their facilities. I really like that."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I'd say I'm a hybrid between a linebacker and a defensive end with a non-stop motor."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"When I was there, Coach Gray, he said that I really remind him of Nick Reed."

What are you looking for in a program?

"A place where I feel comfortable for the next four years and get a good education, but at the same time, the chance to compete at the collegiate level."

Do you currently hold any offers from other schools?

"Yes, [I have official offers from] Washington, Utah, UCLA, UNLV, Stanford, San Diego State."

If Oregon were to officially offer, where would they be in that mix?

"Oregon would definitely be in my top three, just because I visited there and they were actually one of the first schools to contact me, and I've really been humbled by them that when I was a sophomore they sent me a letter...I was just really honored and I really think highly of them."

Are you planning on attending any camps later this spring or in the summer?

"Yes, I am, but I haven't really narrowed it down yet. If I could narrow it down, one camp that I will be attending will be Nebraska [June 8] and I will try to go to Stanford's camp or Oregon's camp...I actually have no clue yet when Stanford's camp is."

Are you planning on attending any Junior Days?

"I went to UNLV's Junior Day and they offered me, [but] that's the only Junior Day I've been too. I'm going to Stanford's Junior Day on April 3-4...I haven't been able to make it to any of the days that they (Oregon) told me to come to, but I'm still really excited about the program."

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