Notes From Spring Practice: Day 6

The offense had it's most explosive day of the spring, as Jamere Holland and others led the Duck offense to an impressive 111-99 victory over the Duck defense on competition day, Friday.

1. The Oregon offense defeated the Oregon defense, 111-99, on Friday's competition day to earn the much coveted black practice jerseys to be worn by the offense during the Monday and Wednesday practice sessions for next week. Jamere Holland led the Oregon offense today and it appears as if he is the most dominant offensive player on the field, right now, for Oregon. Friday was undoubtedly his best day in a string of great days and he seems to have a vice grip on the No. 1 wide receiver position. "He's got a world of talent," said Oregon head coach, Chip Kelly, "He's focused. He's focused in the classroom -- I think he got a 3.15 (GPA) last term -- he's getting things done. I think he's got a sense of purpose and he knows that he's got some things, that, if he continues to work at it, that he could be really, really successful, in the classroon and on the football field." To put it simply, Holland was brilliant. If Walter Thurmond was week one's MVP, then Holland was week two's. He was virtually unassailable throughout practice, punishing the secondary in 3-on-2's, 7-on-7's, and 11-on-11's with his world class speed and improved hands. Holland accounted for a handful of plays that would have went for touchdowns in game situations and he seems to be developing a better understanding of the playbook.

2. Other receivers, such as Chris Harper, Dion Jordan, and Blake Cantu, also had good practices today, displaying the wealth of pass catching options that are readily available for the Ducks. In particular, Harper and Jordan were singled out by Coach Kelly after practice today as two players who are displaying more and more consistency. "Harp's getting better," stated Kelly, "Everyday it's consistency. He didn't play wide receiver in high school, he played quarterback, so learning releases, how to get off jams, exactly how to finish routes and things like that, but everyday Chris gets better...Dion Jordan I think could be a very special player [as well] as he continues to get better."

3. LeGarrette Blount was full-go today as he shed the red, non-contact jersey, and was seen participating in all drills today with the first team. Despite looking a tad out of shape, Blount showed no ill-effects from the sprained foot he suffered prior to spring camp, bowling over defenders, on a couple of occasions, in typical Blount fashion. "He looks a little heavy, he's got to lose a little weight," admitted Kelly, "but he's got great vision and great feet for such a big kid...he's just got to learn not to dance as much sometimes and run behind his pads, because I don't know if he knows how much he can run through some things, but it's good to have him back."

4. Jeremiah Masoli looked much sharper today, making better decisions with the football and showcasing the kind of accuracy that he and the coaching staff know he's capable of. When the big play was available, he took it, and rarely misfired. When it wasn't, Masoli did a better job of checking down and completing short yardage passes to his receivers. Not only was Masoli more efficient today, but the offense in general appeared to be much more efficient. The running game seemed to get on track a little more today, with players like Masoli, Remene Alston, and Andre Crenshaw, breaking off huge gains. Alston, in particular, had a couple of impressive runs, including one where he outran the entire defense en route to a touchdown.

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