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Mike Marboe, of Wenatchee High School in Wenatchee, Washington, was recently rated by as the top center on the west coast and the fourth rated center nationally. Last week Marboe and his father took an unofficial visit to Oregon and they left Eugene rather impressed.

Do you currently hold an offer from Oregon?

"No I don't."

Have you had any contact with Oregon?

"I e-mail back and forth with Coach Greatwood a little bit, I don't know how often, but I'm getting letters from them everyday/every other day."

Has Coach Greatwood talked about a potential offer coming through anytime soon?

"No, we haven't had that talk. We haven't really talked all that much. I talked to him before I came down [on an unofficial] just briefly and he told me he liked what he'd seen...their center [Hamani Stevens] just [went on a Mormon mission], so when we were down there, we were talking about that. But the whole offer thing has never really come up."

Describe your unofficial visit to Oregon?

"This is tough because we had to leave right after [the practice], so we didn't really see the facilities, we were going to wait till Junior Day and I didn't really see the campus. I got there Thursday night around midnight, went to bed, got up that morning for practice. I saw the Casanova Center which was amazing and I did see the training room which I just was super nice. I loved the experience, it was awesome. When I left, I looked at my dad and said 'This one was a cool one'...I just loved the way that practice was run."

What is your overall interest in Oregon?

"I really like those guys, I do. They're up there on the top of my list with four or five other schools. The way I'm looking at it right now is, there's about four schools that I really like about equally, but they're definitely up there."

What are your top schools right now?

"It's not in any particular order -- they're all up there -- but Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, and Idaho probably."

Is there anything in particular about the program that piques your interest?

"Well I really like how much energy was at that practice that I saw. That's how I like to play football, you know, running, screaming, yelling. I really like that, [Chip] Kelly especially, was all over the place. I've been places where it's not so intense, it's kind of more relaxed, but I really like that style of play that they have."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"What I've heard from people, that have told me, is that I play like a pr*ck. That's what I've been told, you know, I just play with an attitude. And I think that's true too. I feel like I'm a nice guy off the field, but I get mean and get after it when I'm on the field. I think I finish blocks well, I just go hard, and I just love to play the game."

What are you looking for in a program?

"First of all, I'm looking at the school. I want to go to a good school. I'm not going to college just to play football. And then the second thing is, the coaches. The coaches make a huge deal to me, just because I know I'm going to spend so much time with them. If I know I'm with a guy that I don't like, then I don't think that's going to work for me. Schools and coaches are the two biggest things, and then the town, the community, and then the people and facilities, I mean everything."

What offers do you currently hold from other schools?

"Idaho and Portland State."

Which other schools are showing interest?

"Oregon, obviously, Washington, Oregon State, Washington State, Vanderbilt, Colorado, Colorado State, Iowa State, and I think that's all of them...I've got a little bit of stuff from Tennessee and a little bit of stuff from UCLA, but not a whole lot."

Have you attended or are you planning on attending any camps later this spring or in the summer?

"I haven't yet, but my dad and I are figuring out our camp circuit. I know I'm going to be at Oregon, I know I'm going to be at Oregon State, I know I'm going to be at Washington for sure right now, and also this ESPN Rise/Nike invite camp thing in Eugene."

Have you been to or are you planning on going to any Junior Days?

"Yeah I've been to Washington, Washington State, Idaho, Vanderbilt, and I'm going to Oregon obviously, and that's all that I've been to...I was supposed to go to the Oregon State one too, but I couldn't make it that weekend."

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