Penny Tops Competition

EUGENE, Ore. – University of Oregon track and field thrower Scott Penny won the 105 kg weight-class and took home the Outstanding Lifter of the Year Award at the 18th annual Oregon Weightlifting Classic Saturday at the University of Oregon's Casanova Center.

Penny bested the competition in both the snatch (107.5 kg) as well as the clean and jerk (145 kg) to win his first title with a total of 252.5 kg (566.7 lbs).

Al Reed-Costa, from Calpians weightlifting club, was the winner of the 105+kg weight-class. He managed to clear the most weight during the competition with a combined lift of 305 kg (672.4 lbs). Reed-Costa was victorious in both the snatch at 130 kg and the clean and jerk at 175 kg.

Mike Cook (69 kg weight-class), Korte Barkley (77 kg weight-class), Jon Elliott (85 kg weight-class) and Joe Farmer (94 kg weight-class) took home titles in their respective divisions.

Mary Pond, from Heavy Athletics weightlifting club, was crowned the women's overall top lifter as she totaled 132.5 kg (292.1 lbs) in the 53 kg weight-class.

Kat Ricker (63 kg weight-class), Leslie Ankney (69 kg weight-class) and Lori Alford (75+kg weight-class) earned titles in their weight-classes.

Wt. Class Name (Club) Total Weight Lifted
69 kg 1. Mike Cook (unattached) 155 kg (341.7 lbs)
77 kg 1. Korte Barkley (Heavy Athletics) 120 kg (264.6 lbs)
85 kg 1. Jon Elliott (Heavy Athletics) 240 kg (529.1 lbs)
94 kg 1. Joe Farmer (unattached) 205 kg (451.9 lbs)
105 kg 1. Scott Penny (University of Oregon) 252.5 kg (566.7 lbs)
2. Tim Euhus (unattached) 230 kg (507.1 lbs)
105+ kg 1. Al Reed-Costa (Calpians) 305 kg (672.4 lbs)
2. Brenden Ziegler (unattached) 285 kg (628.3 lbs)
53 kg 1. Mary Pond (Heavy Athletics) 132.5 kg (292.1 lbs)
63 kg 1. Kat Ricker (Portland Oregon Weightlifting) 85 kg (187.4 lbs)
2. Sara Ferris (Iron Works) 75 kg (165.3 lbs)
69 kg 1. Leslie Ankney (Portland Weightlifting Club) 80 kg (176.4 lbs)
75+ kg 1. Lori Alford (Iron Works) 127.5 kg (281.1 lbs)

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